Hairless chinese crested dogs

  1. I just found this subform and I just had to share pics of my 2 angels. I have 2 male hairless chinese cresteds. Does anyone else here have this type of dog? They are really great even though I do get some weird looks when people see them. They only grow hair on their head, tail and feet. At least I have the great excuse to buy dog clothes because these little babies do get quite cold. Here they are Gaston and Sebastian (but we call him "Godzilla")Gaston has the black hair on his head and Sebastian has the white hair.
    IMG_9351.jpg IMG_9407.jpg IMG_2594.jpg IMG_2592.jpg
  2. They are adorable!!! Very unusual! What kind of personalities do they have??
  3. They are great little pets. They do not drool, shed or bark. They are very fun and spunky but yet very loveable and like to cuddle. I have a wild 5 year old and they love her and they are not scared and they do not get aggressive
  4. They are adorable!! They look so teeny, how big are they?
  5. The blonde one is the runt of a little so he will only grow to about the size of a yorkie (max 5lbs). The black one is a reg. size crested and he is 12 lbs. They are built like greyhounds. Tall and lean.
  6. Wow very unique dogs! i ahven't seen them before. they certainly look spunky alright with their hairdos!! great reason to buy doggie clothing!! what's their clothing style? i think they'd look great in rapper hip clothing!! =) Hey candace you can hang your ring on their neck to match the rapper outfit!! that'd be such a sight!!!
  7. It is fun to dress them. I actually had not seen one in real life till I got my first crested. They are seen alot in movies to depict a very girly dog, (how to lose a guy in 10 days, Legally blonde). As for clothes.
    My bigger one wears a sassy burgundy Kimono and the little guy wears a black leather jacket with a skull and cross bones on the back
  8. What cuties! They look like they love attention! Gaston and Sebastian are perfect names for them!
  9. OMG! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for one... I don't know where to get them??? I want one that is a solid color b/c most have spots. They have been my dream dog since I was little!!!
  10. it took me about 2 years to get one as a pet. Many breeders wnt the dogs to be show I will PM you the link to the 2 people that I got mine from. Make sure you tell them that you are interested in a True hairless because there are 3 types of these dogs: powder puff, hairy hairless and true hairless
  11. Those are so cool looking.
  12. Aww!! Very cute dogs!
  13. They are so adorable!! We have a little chinese crested female named nikki.. she is an absolute dream come true. she loves cuddling and giving kisses !!!:yes:
  14. The y are so cute, love this babies....especially the fact that they have no hardly any hair.
  15. You have to get on long waiting lists usually especially if you show. I am on a few right now. Here in the states not many true hairlesses show but they love them in Europe. Chinese Crested Crush :: Chinese Crested Dog Forum is a great website and has a list of reputable breeders.

    OP, Love your dogs. They are cuties.