hairdresser got color wrong - have her correct?

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  1. I've been doing my own color for years and I was getting tired of doing it so decided to try having it done at a salon. A woman I know recommended a stylist at salon that was familiar to me. When I went in I told the stylist that I was happy with my color and achieved it by mixing colors. She said no problem she could find the right color.

    Unfortunately the color she chose isn't so great. She realized it might be a problem when she got me to the shampoo bowl and tried to correct it with neutralizer(?). She said if it's still not right in a week or two I could come back in and she would neutralize it some more. But I think it's the wrong tone. My hair was auburn. The color she did is more copper.

    So - would you go back and have her try to make it right (and hopefully use a better color next time)? or just let it go and do it myself next time or try another stylist?

    Her price was reasonable compared to some others in the area (not rock bottom but on the low side) and she did spend quite a bit of time on me but bottom line my results with home color, while not as thorough (esp in back) were better color-wise.
  2. Not every hairdresser/colorist gets it right first shot out of the gate.
    This colorist sounds like she wants to make you happy & based on that, I'd give her a second shot.
    Also the product you may have been using at home may have been different from the product she used at the salon.
    If you are not happy after the neutralizer & you like the salon, I'd try someone else.
    Have a look around & see if you spot another colorist or ask at the desk.
    In some salons, there are colorists that are better with auburns than perhaps blonds.
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  3. this is a tiny salon (maybe 4 chairs) and she's the owner so ....
    my concern is it's not the depth that's wrong but the tone .....don't know if neutralizer or toner would fix that. and when she first put it on me, it burned A Lot. I told her it burned and asked if this was normal. she immediately rinsed it out and diluted it.
    If there are any hairdressers reading this and you have an opinion as to whether she can fix this by neutralizing some more, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
    I washed it this morning and it looks a bit better. Right now I'm leaning toward trying a shampoo for blondes with purple in it and next time either trying a different salon or doing it myself.
    This isn't my regular salon. My hairdresser who was cutting my hair quit to stay at home with babies and my new hairdresser has only cut my hair once. I may try her next for color. A bit more expensive but not hugely.
  4. I would suggest that you go back to the stylist and give her a chance to make it right. But based on experience the hair color usually lightens after days of washing your hair so maybe you will eventually love your hair color as you continue to wash it every day. I also think that the mixture of the hair dye was a bit concentrated perhaps that's why it resulted in a different color, not the color you expected it to be.
  5. Hi. Former hairstylist here. Hope I can help. Firstly the reason your scalp felt like it was burning was likely because the color was shampooed out, then something with peroxide/chemicals was then put on you hair right after. Usually your natural oils in unwashed hair protects your scalp from the burning sensation when the initial color is put on. Once it’s washed it’s more sensitive. Secondly, if your hair was dyed a copper tone, give it a week before you go back...but do call to let her know you’d like to come back in a week to tweak the color tone. Lots of things happen with red really fill your hair with molecules, so there’s not really a lot of room to pack in more molecules to cancel it out. Having said that, red is a color that fades (molecule wash out) the most, losing its vibrancy. So...after a week, some of the molecules have washed out (providing you wash it). Think of your hair like shingles on a roof...they open up with peroxide to deposit color molecule. Being in the sun and washing hair in warm water can also open up these shingles, in case of sun, it damages them so they lack the strength to hold the color molecules in. Which is why when bleach blonds go darker the darker color often fades fast. Anywho, hope I didn’t over complicate things and hope that helps. In summary...wait a week and go back, and tell her or show a pic of what tone you want. Good luck
  6. Perhaps you could take the two colours you use to the salon and let the stylist see what you're using. I think she will be able to correct your colour. She may be able to order the professional versions of your colours going forward.
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  7. Give her another chance. If it still not good, just do it yourself again next time.
  8. I used a purple shampoo for correcting brassiness on blondes as a masque and washed with it three days in a row. that helped. today it's tolerable. the problem I had in addition to it being too orange or too bright was the color stained my scalp and my hairline giving me a helmet head look. IDK if this could be partly because she baked the color on with a hairdryer?
    I've left a message for the stylist who cuts my hair asking for a consult with her. I thought I needed a correction but now think maybe I can tolerate it fading (and maybe have her do it next time)

    or I can contact the one who did it but I was so upset that I didn't want her touching my hair again
    Is this staining of the skin normal? I've had my hair colored at the salon before and don't recall that.
    thanks for all your advice
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    Another idea to try is a semi permanent hair color. It has just enough peroxide to open the shingles and deposit color, but not lift it’s color level. If you want less red but same level, I’d choose one of the same level but with some “A” for ash to cancel out some of the copper. It will fade a little bit but it could also stain the hair enough to kill the copper. I used to do a level 7 Irish setter red, then used a semi over and over and it killed the red and just made me a dark brown. Careful though as repeated use can make ends darker if they are more porous. In which case, only add to the ends for last 5 minutes or so. Careful-as it will stain towels after showering as it does wash out little by little. Trial and error. So...I’d say ask for a semi permanent or perhaps try and get some yourself if you don’t feel confident going back. Feel free to message back should you wish. I’m happy to help. :smile:
  10. Forgot to add about staining....
    I was trained to use Vaseline around the hairline and apply cotton to prevent this. Should there still be staining we would work the stain with stain remover and/or use some of the tint product, mix some drops of shampoo to it and work the stain with it as like removes like.
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    I had the color right mixing a combo of level 5 auburn, level 6 red and a bit of two different browns to eliminate violet
    I just got tired of doing my own. though a pro could get the color right using the more sophisticated colors they have available grey is resistant so I don't think semi-perm would cover it.
    thanks for the advice :smile:
  12. You are correct that semi permanent won’t cover the grey, but for the time being, to kill the copper it will do the job, it just won’t cover the roots.
  13. She offered to redo it, so I'd take her up on it.
  14. I think they bake everyone’s hair when coloring. My scalp gets stained but washes out in a week or so.

    It does take a couple times to get color right because they don’t know how absorbent your hair is right off the bat.
  15. I'm still waiting for a response to the text message I sent to the one who cuts my hair. Now that it's faded a bit and not as bad as it was initially, I'll probably either go to her or do it myself in a few weeks. On thing that helps somewhat - I have curly hair so the line of demarcation isn't as obvious.
    DH was appalled when I first came home from the salon. The top of my head was so much brighter than the rest of my hair. He thinks I should Stay Away from her