haircut help?

  1. Okay, I'm wanting to get my hair cut in November but I'm having a really hard time finding a picture of how I want to cut it. What I'm wanting to do is have it longer in the front and short and layered in the back. The longest parts would be about to my chin.

    I've tried googling for so many different things by i'm not finding any luck on finding a picture! Does anybody know of any celebritites or people who may have their hair cut thisway? I'm wanting to find definately a side picture so you can see how the back and the front is in the same picture.
  2. I think Victoria Bekman's hair is kind of like that but longer in the back, you can always say shorter layers in the back. There should be a lot of photos of her on the net under haircuts then her name.
  3. Like this?
  4. yes, thank you! i didn't know she had her hair that way
  5. She has it shorter/blonder now. I think this is an older picture. It's a really cute cut!
  6. I like the style cuz its easy to maintain (or so i would think?) and even if you dont do anything with it, it will still look cute. I have to be at work at 7:30am so I'm all about the 'wash and wear' styles since I am definately NOT a morning person.