Haircut advice/help

  1. Hi Everyone...

    I am looking for a picture to show my stylist of a "v-shaped" haircut in the back. I always end up telling a stylist that is what I want and end up either just getting a straight across cut with some face framing layers or like 3 different levels of layering in the back...which isn't at all what I want. :push: :crybaby:

    They just for some reason don't understand what I mean. Is this called something else? Anyone have a picture? I have been looking and looking online every single time before I go in for a cut and have never been able to find one.

  2. Just draw it if you can't find a picture! :smile:
    I love the V at the back of my hair lol, and that's all I ususally ask for, well if I want that style lol
  3. Arrgh!! I have a friend with such haircut but I'm not talking to her at the moment. I would've taken a pic, sorry :crybaby:
  4. Inverted bob, kind of?? Higher in the back with short layers, tapering from back to longer in front??

    I think that is kind of how my hair is cut, and I am going to get it "freshened up" today - so I'll post pics when I get back ( if I like it of course ;)) to see if it is along those lines....
  5. Do you mean a "v" like this?? Or something different?? She didn't do a very drastic v, but this is what came to mind with your post?? :confused1: