1. Do any of you own the haircubes? They look like they'd be kinda hard to maneover... unless I have no idea how to use these! hahaha

    For those that have them, are they heavy in your hair? Are they practical, and comfy?!

    I'm considering getting some, but want to make sure I'll make use of them! :yes:
  2. personally i think they are a waste of money I mean whos really going to notice you have LV hair cubes in your hair...your better off getting a LV Cles for that money... =)
  3. I've always loved the hair-cubes, and come close to buying them on several occasions...but I've always stopped myself from doing so. I don't consider them a waste, so to speak, but I think for the money there's better options....unless you were loaded, in which case I'd advise you to buy them in each and every colour...:biggrin:
  4. i've always thought about getting them as well but i can never justify it-if i bought them i'd have to buy 2 of them, and realistically that money would be put to much better use applied towards a new bag. marc jacobs makes really cute similar ones every season that i love just as much and that are MUCH less expensive. but if it's something you're going to think about a lot and that you think you'll want a few years form now i'd go for it.
  5. I had them and returned them....they felt heavy, but my hair is thin.
  6. The haircubes are adorable. I don't even wear my hair up and I have 2 sets of them :lol: Yeah, I'm pretty wasteful like that...but they make nice collector's items! The few times I have worn them, I tie up my hair with a plain hair tie or rubber band and then put on the cubes. They don't feel heavy at all...but I have pretty thick & full hair, so maybe I just don't notice? :shrugs:
  7. mine were a wate of money i they are either too loose in my hair or so tight they feel like theyll snap
  8. I have the brown and tan Strass ones from a couple of years ago. I'm actually kind of scared to use them because my hair is so thick, I don't want to pop the hairband part. I used them once but I was too paranoid, checking them all the time. They don't feel heavy at all either though, IMO.
  9. I have the louis vuitton robert wilson hair cubes, I bought them because I wanted something from the line. I bought them through eBay for 99 dollars.
    I use them in my hair, but also, I have a monogram bosphore, and sometimes I tie the cubes onto the part where the keychain attaches and it looks really cute! It adds a pop of color to my bag.
    hope this helps!

    these are my cubes:
    lv accessories.jpg
  10. I have them and have never used them. I kept them because I think sometime I will actually use them. They seem to pull on my hair when I have them in!?! I bought the amarante barette though and use that ALLLL the time. From now on I will only purchase the barettes!
  11. I've considered them a few times, but my hair is really thick and like Rebecca, I was scared I would be too paranoid to enjoy wearing them for fear they would blast off of my head!
  12. They're cute, but my hair's thick and I'm afraid it'll just burst. It's the type of thing I'd lose even it's LV.
  13. Well, for a little different spin on things... I have them and I love them. I just have the amarante set right now but want to get the blue ones. I like having matchy hair accessories to go with my scrubs at work since my hair is always back in a ponytail. I am a little more paranoid making sure they don't budge, but they honestly stay in well and I don't think they feel heavy. I would say if you think you'll use them go for it but otherwise get something like a cles that you might use more often.
  14. It's nothing that I would ever purchase.
  15. I have a coral pair and a champagne pair from 2001. I wouldn't buy more now, but I love the ones I have.. sentimental and all.