Haircare after swimming?? HELP

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  1. Dear fellow tPFers, and fellow swimmers ;)

    After a few years of jogging and fitness I returned to my first "love"... swimming. (and my god, I have missed it SO much!!!)
    But... the training is on wednesday and thursday and I always want to wash my hair after 'cause otherwise it is impossible to comb!!
    But I normally wash my hair every other day cause otherwise it might get "too much"....

    So should I wash it every time after swimming, or only on thursdays and just "rinsing" on wednesday??

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Wash after swimming to get the chemicals out.
    If you are worried about washing it too much, skip an extra day after the two washes, as your hair should be super clean after the two consecutive days of washing.
  3. I agree with the previous poster! You must wash the clorine out of your hair as soon as possible. Also if your hair is porous, you may want to coat the hair with a leave in conditioner before swimming. Your hair will absorb less clorine that way!
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    The best thing to do is to wet your hair thoroughly with tap water first. This prevents your hair from soaking up the cholrinated water.

    Are you wearing a swim cap? When I am swimming regularly I always wet my hair and then put a cap on. I don't always shampoo afterward because the silicone caps really helps keep out the chlorinated water. I rinse it well then spray on some light leave in conditioner and comb through.

    Sometimes I put conditioner on my hair before putting my cap on and then use a little shampoo when I am done swimming. But, a good cap should protect your hair. I color treat my hair and when swimming I don't have any issues with it fading earlier than normal. Lotions, conditioners and sunscreens are really bad for pool filters so I try not to use them too much.

    If you are not using a swim cap then the chlorine + a shampoo with a lots of sulfates in it will just dry it out more.
  5. I come from a family of swimmers. Always wear a swim cap, and if possible, put on a touch of conditioner before putting on your cap. ALWAYS wash your hair afterwards. Do you have access to Ultraswim hair products? I also suggest a leave-in conditioner afterwards as well, because chlorine can really fry your hair.
  6. Thank you so much for all the tips!