1. There have been so many postings about the new bags...but I've yet to see anything about the Haircalf Chelsea Satchel and Large Hobo. Is anyone else lusting after these or have ordered one? I'd love to see RL pictures in addition to 'reviews' of the bag :graucho:

    I just think they are so lovely (according to close up pics) and I am so tempted to purchase...

    And...a little off topic, and pardon my idiocy, but what exactly is "haircalf"?
  2. Beautiful - especially fitting for here in Texas - but I would not use it enough to justify buying it.
  3. Haircalf = leather with the fur still on. Really pretty, but I don't know how well it would hold up over time.
  4. A little too "western" for me...but I like the details on the satchel. Someone posted pics of her new Chelsea satchel in mineral and it is sooo much prettier (IMHO).
  5. As far as I know, Haircalf holds up pretty well. I don't care much for the look though.
  6. Don't use her as your everyday bag all of the time, as the hair could shed and create bald spots. Especially if it constantly rubs against your clothes. But the haircalf styles are gorgeous!!!
  7. My sister in law emailed me that satchel...she has a few Coach but doesn't love spending a ton on them...but i told her i was looking at the new catalogue the other day so she looked online and that was the one she was sorta drooling over. I prefer Mandy if i wanted to spend that much right now :smile:
  8. We have a cow hide rug in our living room, which I would imagine is similar to what is used on the Haircalf bag and it is extremely durable.

    Looking at the pics of the Chelsea Haircalf Satchel, I have to say that I really like it. I think the wifey is going to be getting a nice surprise in the next couple of days...:graucho:
  9. I would love to see it in person. It is TDF on the website. I have haircalf shoes, and the hair has worn off on some areas. Of course if this happens to Coach, customers will be returning them for repair. I wonder if Coach will regret making these.

    By the way, are these in the boutiques? I really want to see them.
  10. Hmm I wonder if they would replace it.

  11. Thanks for all of the info ladies. ^^I haven't seen them in my boutique and was hoping maybe someone on here ordered one and was getting ready to post pics:yes:
  12. I'm intrigued by the haircalf bags. I like how they look and would love to own one but of course they are out of my range for the time being. And honestly, if I was going to spend that much I'd be getting an Abbey bag instead but it seems I've become obsessed with that bag so just ignore me, lol.
  13. It would be perfect for a Texas gal!
  14. I saw this bag today.
    I caressed this bag today.
    Nordstrom's has the haircalf hobo and satchel along with the new Abby flap leather hobo.
    These bags are gorgeous.
    I stood there and petted the bag (hobo is my fav) for about 5 minutes........
  15. I'm a chelsea satchel lover (b&w sig) but the haircalf ones are a little too cowboy for me, sorry.

    Haircalf is great in small doses but for me I'd be too worried about it getting wet, worn or dirty. How do you clean spills on haircalf? Case in point, I have a Miu Miu small camera-style bag c. 1999 with haircalf on part of it and it is brand new looking still cuz I've hardly ever used it.