haircalf vs. brown muse

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  1. should i exchange the large haircalf muse by husband bought for an xl chocolate?
  2. Well, ya know, ultimately it's your decision. But, personally, hairy bags gimme the creeps. I think the choc muse is GORGEOUS!
  3. The Chocolate Muse is stunning! I'm contemplating getting the men's muse tote/briefcase for my laptop!!!
  4. I think the Choc will be in fashion longer and will last longer.
  5. For an everyday bag, Chocolate Muse is good.
    Leopard muses are so stunning in real life (really dress up the entire outfit), however, they need more TLC.

    Are you looking for an everyday or statement bag?
  6. I would exchange it, personally, because the hair bag could get bald spots and then it won't look as good
  7. Hairy bags give me the creeps, too!!:P A lot of designers were showing them this season though!:yucky:
  8. That's true! I've seen a lot of hairy bags lately. I think they're cool, but def. not as my main everyday bag