HairCalf Muse- does the hair fall off?

  1. hey ladies,
    i want to buy a muse, and i am eyeing the haircalf anthracite muse..but i heard that the hair falls off if u carry it around the crook of your arm, and the spots which rub against ur body will begin to "bald" after a that true?

    thanks girls!!!
  2. I've never owned a haircalf bag, but supposedly it is true that they can "bald" over time. I've seen numerous PFers write about that problem. I'm reluctant to buy a haircalf bag for that reason.
  3. yes, it's inevitable. they will start to go 'bald' ..... but personally, i like it :biggrin:
  4. lol...does it look good bald? im just trying to imagine bc i dont want an obvious bald spot.if its a unique kinda look..then i think i can deal with it...thanks!
  5. I think bald spots look tacky on bags, but that's just my opinion!
  6. The bald spot is more commonly developed in an area where the bag gets a lot of friction. So if you hold it against your body, it's likely that the area where it rubs your hip will go bald.