Haircalf Alexa

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Have just purchased a haircalf Alexa (still recovering from the shock LOL!!) and Mulberry have advised me to spray it with Collonil Spray.
    Could anyone with a haircalf bag tell me if they have sprayed it and has it changed the texture of the bag in anyway.
    I thought of just spraying it on the bottom of the bag to see if there are any changes but i'm even afraid to do that :biggrin:
    Thanks for anyones advice.
    Opai xx
  2. Hi sorry can't help you, but wow! Congratulations. Any pics?
  3. wow ive never seen one of these do you have any pics? i use collonil on suede and its fine, doesnt change the appearance at all, so im sure you will be fine.
  4. opai, Wow, i'm soooooooooooooooooo envious as I love this bag!
    Congrats on your amazing purchase, pics would be lovely!
  5. I think its a great idea to spray the bottom first just to see if it changes at all, but I am sure Mulberry wouldnt recommend a product without knowing something about it!

    Would love to see your amazing new Alexa - pretty please :biggrin:
  6. Wow! It is a beautiful bag; i stroked one in hof recently and I loved it! If anything goes wrong after spraying with collonil then you can always complain to mulberry given that the suggested you do it. Congrats and would love to see some pics xx
  7. Opai - please, please you have to show us!!!
  8. I have sprayed my mabel calfhair bag and there was no change whatsoever.
  9. Hi,Will put some up :biggrin:
    Opai x
  10. Oh thanks.If it's ok on suede i am sure it should be ok on haircalf.
    Will put some pics up later :biggrin:
    Opai x
  11. Oh thank you so much.My HG bag! (had to save for ages!!)
    Will put some pics up:biggrin:
    Opai xx
  12. Hi Chloe-babe,
    I think thats what i will do,try spraying the bottom first.
    Mulberry were going to charge me for the Collinal spray but i asked for it free with the bag and they relented.:biggrin:
    Will go and take some pics and put them up :biggrin:
    Opai x
  13. cant wait to see pics of this amazing bag- you are so lucky!! congrats
  14. Oh thank you.I keep stroking her too :biggrin:
    I am going to be brave and spray the bottom and see what happens!
    Will put some pics up later today.
    Opai xx
  15. Great stuff! Am looking forward to seeing the pics xx