1. I am going crazy! We recently took in my future MIL's dog, and I just cannot believe how much she sheds!! I am at the end of my rope! It is to the point where I have to vacuum sometimes twice a day.

    Now, I have taken her to the vet to see if it was from a deficiency, but the vet says she is healthy, and her coat looks thick and shiny. I brush her everyday and bathe her twice a week, and yet I still can't go to bed without laying on a layer of dog hair. It is on my clothes, sheets, furniture, carpet, even in my food!

    What do I do???

    (She is a German Shepherd/Husky mix)
  2. I dont have a dog (yet!), but maybe she is going through a phase?

    Dont they go through heavy shedding after the winter to thin their thick winter coat?

    Let's hope that's it!

    (BTW, she is really pretty, even though she shed so much!)

    Edit: German Shepards and Huskies are two of my FAV dogs!!! But both are high shedders :-/
  3. What an adorable pup she is. I'd put up with any amount of hair to have her in my family!;)

    As DamierFashion said, dogs go through cycles of shedding so she's probably getting rid of winter fur now.

    Brushing her a lot like you do is a good idea. As for bathing her, have you considered a groomer? It's so much easier than trying to coax a dog into the bath. You'd probably only have to take her once every 6 weeks or so.

    Also, some vacuums make attachments that you can use directly on your dog's coat. I know it sounds weird, but one of my dogs loves to be "vacuumed". It feels good to her!
  4. Hahaha. It sounds so funny to vacuum a dog! Not a bad idea though, since that is where it all ends up anyway. I'd love to try it, but I don't know that I could get her to sit still. She is terrified of the vacuum, she hides beside the fridge until I am finished!

    I do take her to the groomer occasionally, to get her nails trimmed and whatnot, but they charge so much! Maybe I am just cheap, but they wanted $109 every 6 weeks to trim her. She is very good about her baths though, as long as she has somewhere to hide her face from the water.

    I hope you guys are right about this just being a phase.

    I love her to death, although, I have to say, she is making me VERY aware of how much I want a house. We have a pretty large apartment right now, but I still can't walk anywhere without falling over her! I now understand the phrase "lost puppy". Lol
  5. I agree that it is probably just a phase.
  6. Aww! SOO cute! One of my dogs is the same way! I can't believe how much hair comes out!!! I'm sorry I can't help. But I know there is a special brush you can use b/c dogs have like 2 layers of hair. the one on the skin and the one that has already shed but is caught... well the brush takes all of that hair OUT and it will seem as if they shed less. Just brush her every day with it and there will be less hair everywhere! I've been using it with my dog and it works great!!! You can usually get the brushes at Walmart

    Also, she may be sheeding b/c it's getting warmer out
  7. We've always had Dalmatians and their hair is very similiar. They do go through phases but they also shed more when they are stressed. I remember my first male shaking at the vet and the hair coming off like snow in a snow dome. You can try some oatmeal or Coal Tar shampoo if it is a skin condition but aside from some brushing outside............ well, short haired dogs do tend to be a bit challenging on the shedding side

    These are my first 2 babies: Raffles who was a year old and Dottie (in the sink) the day she came home. They were both horrific shedders!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. We have a Husky cross, (my avatar dog) and I understand the hair thing!!! They shed a LOT!

    We had our groomer "blow out" her undercoat, and it helped a lot. It's really importand not to cut fur that has an undercoat, because it might not grow back properly, but a lot of the extra "fluff" can be taken out, and that helps with the shedding. Brushing helps too, if you are willing to do that and the pup will comply.

    We live in a climate with long winters, and we don't have her coat blown out when it's cold, of course. Shedding is somewhat seasonal--they shed more in the Spring and Fall.

    Let me know if you have other questions!
  9. What a good girl she is to tolerate her baths! In all my life I've never had a dog that would cooperate with me!:sad:

    I agree with you that $109 is expensive for her grooming. I have three extremely furry, long-haired dogs and we are charged $55 a piece for their grooming. Years ago before I found the wonderful woman my babies go to now, I went to someone else for their beauty routines (LOL!) and she charged $75 each. My long-haired cat costs $70. Unfortunately, my pets are so misbehaved when it comes to being brushed, combed, and bathed, I'd have to spend thousands if that's what my groomer charged. The odd thing is, though, that when they get to her house (she has a lovely little doggie spa set up in her home), they act like angels and she always compliments them on their nice manners. :shame:
  10. We paid about $50 for Bella-Luna (my Husky cross) to be de-fluffed. $109 IS a lot!!! I've found that grooming fees vary a lot--it's a good idea to ask around for recommendations. (I've learned a lot from other people at the dog park!)
  11. They are so Cute!! I've always wanted a Dalmation.

    I've never heard of getting their coat "blown out" that may be a good idea. I also didn't know you shouldn't cut their fur. I was considering buying clippers, guess it's good I asked here first!

    I'll have to try this. That ball of fur is basically what I end up with when I brush her after her baths!

    Thanks everyone for your help!
  12. Cool, I'm going to have to try this! I do have to say that both dogs and cats shed more during certain times of the year.