Hair Volumize VA VA VOOM Effect


Aug 15, 2008
Hi i really need help people, my hair is flat especially on the top of my head.. anyone know is there anyway to make my hair look really volume and thick... like those latino celebrity hair that looks really alot and high/volume. i want alot of hair n dont want it looks flat n ugly. help please :smile:
Aug 25, 2008
Hi there! This is what works for me...My hairdresser shared this trick with me just recently. First spritz a volumizer on your towel dried roots (I use Root Boost by TIGI), then bend over flip your hair forward and blow dry upside down. As you blow dry keep combing your hair from neck forward. You'll look like a cavewoman when you stand up lol, but viola lots of volume!

Lately I've been applying Very Sexy Curl Enhancing Gel (by Victoria's Secret) to my hair and scrunching when it's close to being dry. When dry, it actually slightly curls the ends so I don't even need to use a curling iron!

Hope this helps and works for you too! Let me know... :smile:
Jan 19, 2008
I rough dry my hair with my head upside down first, and then I find a thorough blow-dry (i.e. sectioning off the hair and drying it bit by bit) with a fairly big barrel brush helps alot. If you have the time to spare, I also use large velcro rollers on the top half of my head - heat them up with the hair dryer and leave to cool, spray a bit of (volumising) hair spray on them and then carefully take them out.

And then, if you want really really big hair, back-combing at the roots works great. Be sure to leave a small layer of hair unbackcombed on top, to cover the back-combed parts.

And finally, hairspray hairspray hairspray!