Hair Volume Help Please!

  1. I am a child of the 80s and I don't have any problem getting volume in my hair with a perm, but now that perms as so "out" AND I have turned to coloring my hair, I can't go that route anymore. I use root lift and volumizing products and my hair is great all around, its just flat on top. I was texturizing it for awhile and that helped, but now that my hair is longer it doesn't look right to do that.

    I roll it, I spray it, I dry it from root to the ends and I tease it. I just can't get much volume on top. I would especially like some volume when I pull the top part of my hair up but I am at a loss. I have thick hair but it is fine. Its layered but only from about my ears down.

    Does anyone have any ideas??? I'd appreciate it!!!
  2. Try Aussie real volume styling mousse

    *John Frieda has a great thickening spray

    *Paves Flawless red carpet firm hold repairing styling mousse- the formula is sticky but provides lift for up to 15 hours
  3. I think you would get great advice from a hairdresser.
    I have fine long I have many tips for volume.
    -the fact you have layers different lenghts is what every hair dresser recommends.Maybe some of your top layers need to be shorter.
    -Use a volumizing shampoo/serum
    -Put a thickening cream but be careful not to put too much bc it tends to add weight on the hair.
    -when blow drying your hair do it head upside down and really blow on to the roots top of your head.
    ....that works for me.
  4. Aveda Pure Abundance is great, they have this "potion" that really works, it's amazing stuff, expensive but sooooo worth it. I have fine/long hair too :sad:
  5. i love making my hair poofy on the crown of my head; however, it rarely stays that way because i lack the proper hairspray. recommendations on hairspray products that will hold great volume would be appreciated =)
  6. Non-hairspray products that work amazingly:
    bigsexyhair WHAT A TEASE Backcomb in a bottle
    Paul Mitchell Thicken up (best when used before round brushing)

    Hands down...
    Schwartzkopf's OSIS Freeze hairspray.
  7. any good sprays etc that I can spritz on before I blow dry to add volume, that isn't heavy or greasy? :supacool:
  8. Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray is great :nuts: When I blow dry my hair with a round brush, I usually spray some on and blow dry it upside down for a bit, then continue styling as normal. It provides a ton of volume and is nowhere near heavy or greasy.
  9. I'm using Create Volume by Jonathan. I've only used it a couple of times so far, but I really do like it. It gives my baby fine hair some lift with out any stiffness.
  10. I second bumble & bumble thickening spray. Worked great when my hair was really long, but I copped it all of, so I dont need it anymore..well until my hair grows longer.
  11. My hair is thick enough for me, but I would suggest B&B thickening spray too. I used it all the time after a hair styling mishap. (My hair got thinned TOO much)
  12. tresseme volumizing spray
    approved by project runway :]
  13. Bumble and bumble is good, but hard to come by where I live. I'm currently using Frederic Fekkai's Coif Bouffant Lifting and Texturizing spray gel and it's pretty awesome.
  14. Another one I like : Catwalk "thickening cream with essential oils"
  15. I've been trying Sunsilk's anti-flat and I've been pretty happy with it. Something on the less expensive side. . . =)