Hair Treatments During Pregnancy

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  1. I'm not currently pregnant, but I guess I just like to think ahead :P

    I live in a country where even dyeing your hair when you're not pregnant is quite discouraged, since it's believed to cause cancer (oddly enough, none of these cancer warnings are actually ON the hairdye boxes or the instructions...).

    So, my question is, is it safe to dye your hair during pregnancy? (Like the permanent type from the drugstore.) Or is it better to use henna hairdyes? Or just not use hairdye at all? Please share your thoughts and experiences. :yes:
  2. As a hairstylist this question comes up alot. This long lived question has lived on for many many many years....and i believe that maybe back in the 60's 70's and 80's it might have not been safe...but now, our technology in color has changed so much that me and my fellow stylists at my salon know and agree there is nothing to worry about. We do suggest however waiting past the 3 month mark only because everything is so sensitive during this no i do not believe you can get cancer or anything else from getting work done on your hair while pregnant. Otherwise, all 3 of the pregnant stylists we've had this year would not be around with their healthy newborns.
  3. I am a fan of coloring my hair but with my two pregnancies I chose not to. Aside from the dye on my head my salon is also a full service salon so there's a lot of smells and chemicals and I figure better safe than sorry (I don't do nails when I am pregnant either). With first pregnancy my hair was very light and when it grew out it was horrid. With this pregnancy my hair was darker so the growth isn't quite as bad.

    Believe me, a great highlight job is at the top of my list of things to do.
  4. I waited until after the first trimester (the fumes would have been enough to make me want to puke,I'm sure...) but after that I had my 3 monthly colour rinse as usual. I wasn't working,so was able to go first thing in the morning when they weren't that busy. Quick in and out for me,not a lot of fumes either.
  5. I did it the whole way through both of my pregnancies. Between the 2 pregnancies I saw 4 different OB's and they all said it's fine, even w/ my "high-risk/twin" pregnancy.
  6. What about bleach? I'm a bleach blond, although any possibly pregnancy is about 3+ years away AT LEAST.
  7. I have dark brown hair and while I'm only 35, I've already started to gray, so I dye my hair. I waited until I was past the 3 month mark and have been dying it every 6-8 weeks as usual. My dr. said it was fine.
  8. I did, after the 3 month mark.
  9. Thank you all for your replies! Now I feel a *little* less nervous about pregnancy. At least I won't have crazy grey hair showing when the baby is born :shame:
  10. I've dyed my hair through all 4 of my pregnancies, and they are all fine. My OB said "Go for it!" I do not do it, however in the first trimester!
  11. I dyed my hair black for six years. I would get horrible light brown roots very quickly. Since I was TTC for so long, I figured I would bring my hair back to it's original color so I wouldn't have to dye it during pregnancy. It took awhile, but my roots now blend in fairly well with the rest of my hair... minus the grays EEEK!! I'm hoping to maybe use a vegetable dye to cover those up once I get later into my pregnancy.
  12. When I was preggo with my twins my doctors said it was fine. But, I choose not to do either dye/highlight hair and have nails done. I could not stand the smells. Plus my DH was wary of any chemicals (even though it was okay with the docs). To make him happy I didn't.
  13. At first docs used to say to do it after first trimester, but this last baby, I was told it was perfectly fine. I waited till second trimester anyway. I do think its fine, but make sure you are in a well ventilated room. I saw by a window so I wouldnt breathe it in.
  14. I too waited after the first trimester. Then off to the salon I go!
  15. i did not dye my hair, but i put a rinse.