Hair tonic for hair growth?

  1. Which brand is good? I feel that my hair is getting thinner and I have been losing heaps of hair when I wash. Help.....:crybaby:
  2. have you had your thyroid checked?
  3. I take Silica pills everyday. About 4 or 5 years ago I had the 'great' idea of perming my hair, it turn out horrible and it was extremely damaged, I had to cut it all off :crybaby:

    My guy friend told me he took the silica pills in his teenage/hard rock years and that it made his hair grow really fast. I have to say that it really does help with the hair growth and health of your hair.

    I was dying my hair black until a few months ago and had to get the black stripped out of my hair. My hair was soooo dry, I started taking the silica pills, again and can tell you that 2 months later the stylist commented on the health of my hair and to me it also feels a lot thicker.

    This is the kind I get from the vitamin world but you can get whatever brand you find.
  4. I take biotin pills, and this seems to help with the overall health of my hair. They also sell hair vitamins in places like Wal-Mart (these contain silica too). I have used them before as well. I am not sure that anything can really nake your hair grow fast though (though I have heard from various people that pre-natal vitamins make your hair grow like mad!).

    I lost faith in the magic hair growing formula when I was 12. I don't know if you have ever seen those ads in the back of magazines that guarantee your hair will grow to your waist in like 5 days for the low low low price of just $9.99 a bottle, but I bought into this at that age. I stuffed a bunch of money in an envelope (couldn't write a check at 12, obviously...nor did I know how) and several weeks later I was sent this stinky bottle of what I swear to this day was really mayonnaise :throwup: and oddly enough...a rubber pencil, which I guess was my free gift for being such a sucker. Long story short, don't buy hair growth shampoo from these wacked out ads. Just some wisdom from the former 12 year old me. :lol:
  5. lol. I always wanted to buy those shampoos but never did!!

    When I first cut my hair over the perm I found this pills that claimed help your hair grow and I looked at the ingredients online and they were mostly vitamin B, silica and aminoacids. I think taking a combination of this would be worth the try. You can get all of this at your local GNC and its not stuff that would harm you anyway, so it wont be a waste of money IMO.