Hair Thing!

  1. Sorry mods, if sentence below is not related to Hermes.

    Decision-made: No Vic's hair for me. Fiance loves my long hair. :P

    :back2topic: Hermes Kelly: Which is the most beautiful color & perfect size for all of you?
  2. If the avatar is a photo of you, I love your hair as it is!

    Perfect Kelly -- I think it would have to be a box calf, black. I love the one that was in Kristie F's avatar
  3. Ditto!!

    For me the perfect Kelly is the one I own, 32cm Gold Togo Souple w/Palladium
  4. i contemplate chopping mine off once a month (once a week if it's a stressful one), but ultimately i stick with it long too.

    all the colors and leather combos are absolutely perfect in their own way. for me, as i will only choose 1, i'm leaning heavily towards black box or VL souple in a 28 (but i am open-minded to the 25 and will definitely try it on - kellybag, just try, i have to try it - because i can carry very little and love the formality of the dainty size, and in souple it will look less destined for evenings).
  5. are so funny! Def try the 25cm on otherwise you will always wonder. But the other part of it is, being nice and tall (oh what I would give to be a few inches taller!) you want to make sure your bag looks proportionally good on you too. This is why on me, for example, anything over 32cm makes me look like a squirt. Also, the other thing is that a too small bag on a tall woman can look a little....chintzy if you know what I mean. IMO. :flowers:

    Back OT! Perfect size bag for Shopmom? Either a 28cm Rigide Kelly or a 32cm Souple Kelly. A 30cm Birkin and a 32cm HAC. Color? many colors. Anything Rouge H, Black (natch), and........Etrusque Porosus CROC!!!!!! (yes, Pete said he thought it was most likely Etrusque!)
  6. I agree with the hair thing, Dior24. Don't chop it off.

    As for perfect Kelly, a baby rose porosus croc Kelly with rose gold hardware and pink diamonds~~~:nuts:
  7. i definitely know what you mean about chintzy (i think...) - but i don't necessarily feel that it's a bad thing, from an aesthetic position. the current trend for big big bads is definitely a trend. i am trying to make my selection independent of that. a larger bag looks so right now, but that's relatively new (remember the fendi baguette). proportion will be important, proportion to my body... i really look forward to trying a size 28 and 25 on down the road.
  8. HiHeels....when do you think you'll be ready for your baby? I think the day you bring her home I will be jumping for JOY! You SO deserve it! I don't know anyone more patient than you, honestly!

    How do you feel about Chevre in Black?
  9. Perfect Kelly I would love to own: 25cm gold ostrich with gold h/w and outside stitching.

    Perfect Kelly I do own: 20cm black box with gold h/w and outside stitching.

    Perfect Kelly still on order: 25cm vermillon chevre with gold h/w and outside stitching (seeing a pattern here?).

    I like longer hair too, more versatile!
  10. i have no experience with chevre. what got me stuck on box and vl is the longevity issue. the heirloom-potential of both leathers. i don't know, there are a few other posters who have mentioned coveting the kelly for 20 years before they got their first. it's just more painful to watch me and i'm more pitiful because i'm still waiting (hopefully not for 20 years). but as you've noted, stuff happens, life happens, so i have to be patient. thank heavens for tpf because even if i can't sniff the togo, at least i an submerge myself in hermes. :lol:
    my worst fear is that when i get mine in 1-5 years (oh dear), this original gang on tpf will be gone, replaced with newbies. no one jumping for me. :rolleyes:
  11. I did that once!!!! :rant: I went with the trend and cut my hair "Holly Berry" style, although it was HOT and the best haircut I ever had in my life letting my hair grow back was the most painful. It grew in very slow!! I will NEVER do that again!!!!


    28cm Black Box Kelly (rigide) with Pal hardware

    And if it ever get's here!!!!!! :rant:

    32cm Gold Togo/White stiching kelly with pal hardware
  12. lol, halle berry
    great cut.
  13., no girl. And no matter how long it takes, we'll be rooting for you and opening the champagne right along with you!

    Chevre is so lovely and I think especially for a Kelly because while it has a nice "souple" hand, it still holds its shape. But the thing I like most about it is that when it's combined in BLACK, it's GORGEOUS! This is a bag that, like Box, will stand the test of time. Also, because it has a slight sheen to it and some texture, it can easily swing into nighttime events without a problem. This would be a terrific heirloom bag! I wonder if Fopduck posted a pic of hers????? I'll have to look.....
  14. The perfect Kelly and the one that I'm dreaming of is:

    25cm/28cm rigid Kelly in braise crocodile :love:
  15. you're so sweet :yes: i'll try not to blubber.
    believe me, i will have a very open mind when the time comes. jeez, when i'm ready i think they could pretty much wave just about anything in front of me - and i wouldn't be able to resist.
    i definitely take your word on chevre. in a way i'm certainly using my enforced waiting period wisely and really mulling this over. when i'm not daydreaming about it i'm reading up on everyone's experience and opinions here.
    we are going to canada next month and i will allow myself to go in and look around in an H boutique there just so i might be lucky enough to try on a bag for size. i don't want to get a reputation at my local store for being a tease - if they bring out a kelly for you in nyc, you better darn well be serious, is my sense.
    uh oh, now that i'm thinking about it, i'm getting a little too excited at the thought of just holding one. pitiful.