Hair Thickening Products?

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  1. Hi, Ladies is there any reccomendations on a hair thickening cream my hair is kinda lifeless and i want it to look more fuller i know there is the full proof thickening cream i would like to try but i would like to hear other reccomendations thanks in advance:heart:
  2. In my experience, nothing with the word "cream" in the name will make your hair fuller. Mousse and teasing are the only things that make my thin hair look a little more voluminous. Unfortunately I'm still searching for a really good moose so I have no recs.
  3. Have you tried Lush's Big Shampoo? I heard it gives a lot of volume.
  4. i really like the rene furterer products & the fekkai MORE line's shampoo & conditioner
  5. try Mane N Tail, i've been using it and i like the results!

    I realize this is also an animal shampoo, so dont be scared! I know i was at first but i researched it and i've only read good reviews. Plus it's cheap, 5 bucks at CVS or Walmart for a big bottle.
  6. Jonathan Product has a great line of volumizing shampoos and mouses/gels that I find to be very effective. You should check them out.
  7. I use a product called Thick by Rusk and I love it. It's a spray.
  8. has anyone tried the full proof its new at sephora
  9. ^yes, I've used it three times now without noticing any major differences. You have to be very careful with it too because I used too much the 2nd time I used it and my hair ended up greasy in spots and I had super-frizzy ends at the same time???? I'm going to keep using to give it a fair shot, but I don't have any big expectations.
  10. I use Blow Thicken Up and mousse, personally.