Hair texturizing Wax - any suggestions? Brands?

  1. I heard about this and was thinking of trying it to style my layered hair.

    Ladies - any particular brands you recommend? And where to find it?

    I found one called beeswax texturizing wax (the body shop), do you think it's good, anyone use it?

    Is it easily washed out of the hair?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I have very thick, wavy hair and am constantly trying new products to keep my ends smooth and weighted down.

    I love the following:
    John Frieda's spun gold balm from his Sheer Blonde line (you can find it at drugstores). It is absolutely amazing for me, washes out great and works like a dream when I'm traveling.

    other option: Tigi's manipulator (Bed Head line). It's a lot more liquid-like and takes some getting used to, but it works like a dream on the ends of my hair to keep everything defined and not flyaway.
  3. Sebastian Texturizer. It's more of a liquid than a wax, but it's great for a really piecey, seperated look. Just make sure to emulsify it first by placing it in your palm and rubbing your hands together.
  4. i dont know if there is a Mario Tricoci around you (its a salon) but they have a brand called "Perfect Match" and their wax is amazing.