Hair stylist problem

  1. Hey Guys,
    I need your perspective on how you'd handle this situation I grappling with. My long time hair stylist has been nagging me for months about coloring my hair some color other than my normal black (to cover grey). I keep telling her NO... I'm comfortable with the black. Well today she colored it burgundy...without my permission or even a word to me of what she was doing. I feel betrayed but am hesitant to break the relationship as she's really takes good care of my hair and is like a friend. The color is subtle and really just looks like highlights but still it's the principle. How would you handle this situation...right now I'm too stunned to do anything and afraid of losing it and going off the deep end.:hrmm: :shocked: :rant:
  2. I would make a 15 minute appt with her and speak with her away from her station (like maybe outside). I would tell her how you feel about what she did and that you would like her to explain her thinking, eg, how she justifies doing something that her client, you, made very clear was not desired. See what she says, then make your decision to either give her another chance or find another stylist.
  3. ^ I agree. Be very clear that you are NOT happy that she violated your trust in her. You're the client, she should do as you ask and if she doesn't want to do that, then she should tell you as much.

    But talk to her away from everyone else since you don't want to cause a scene or embarrass her in front of her co-workers.
  4. Right I've got to talk with her but I honestly can't deal with her today I think I'd lose it...I'm stunned and now I'm getting angry. It's hard to find a good stylist and I was so satisfied with her until this.:sick:
  5. I also have problems with conflict as you can see
  6. honestly, Ginger, if my stylist did that to me, i'd switch :sad:
  7. How could she put color in your hair without you noticing???!!!!! I would seriously be upset....
  8. Ginger - it is at all possible that she did not realize that she grabbed burgunday; or could she have grossly misinterpretated a discussion about color as your affirmative response to it?

    This just seems so odd for a stylist to do???

    When she was styling you and blowing it out did either of you mention the change??
  9. Ginger,

    If you want to maintain a relationship with her, then you have to give her an opportunity to fix it.

    Call her salon (or go by) and speak to her directly, explaining that this is NOT what you wanted and that there must be some kind of misunderstanding. Remind her that you are a loyal client and that you want to keep coming to her. Then, ask her to please correct the color to your natural black, without charge.

    Then, when you come back to get the color fixed, be really positive and let her know that you appreciate that she wants you to look your best, but that you really prefer your natural black and that you feel that IS your best look. Then, immediately book your next color appointment (and make sure she knows) so that she knows you are loyal and so that she has every reason to make you happy this time around.

    If she won't fix the color, then ask to speak to the salon manager or the owner of the salon to get a refund so you can go somewhere else and get your color fixed.

    If you are really non-confrontational and this all seems too uncomfortable, then you can always just go somewhere new from now on. She'll get the hint when you don't come back.

    I've been through a bunch of stylists and a good one IS hard to find, but a good one won't color your hair without telling you what she's doing either.

    Good luck and I'm so sorry to hear that you had to go through this.
  10. I would complain as she betrayed your trust
  11. I would talk to her first. Sometimes salons change color lines and it has been my experience that different color lines can look MUCH different on your hair. Give her the benefit of the doubt if you can- and if she becomes defensive or hostile, you'll have your answer. If you don't like the burgundy tinge in your hair, use a hot oil treatment you can buy in the drugstore. Apply it to wet hair and cover it with a cap for an hour. That should help rid you of that color if you don't like it.
  12. I'm so used to her doing my hair well that I honestly didn't even look until I got home. I was having problems with a contact....and wanted to just go home and get it out. I didn't even look at my hair. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt but she knew I didn't want that color; we'd discussed it for months and I said NO. I feel stupid for not even looking in the mirror while I was in the salon. Thanks so much for you help...thanks to everyone for you help. I see now what I have to do; when I wrote this thread I was so upset I simply needed to talk to someone who knows how upsetting this can be and would give me good advise. I have a busy day tomorrow and won't have time to get back there...story of my life...but I'll talk with her one to one and make a decision about continuing with her. If she did this on purpose I don't want her to touch my hair again. Thanks everyone.
  13. Conflict is life. :smile: If you don't have some conflict in your life you are, essentially, in an emotional prison. IMHO.
  14. Ginger,

    I've been seeing the same hair stylist for about 10 + years. He is like my friend, but more so my hair stylist. One time he did these horrible highlights on my head (the color was not consistent from root to tip), and i was soooo upset, but he fixed it for me in no time. I was still disgruntled for a short time after that though and eventually got over it.. because no one can do my hair like he does :smile: Hair is everything to me... it's the "ultimate accessory." So of course if you were adamant about not getting your hair burgundy, you should definitely say something. I'd be upset!

    Do you hate your hair now or do you like it, but just upset that your hairstylist didn't oblige your request? I think your hairstylist had your best interest, at the time, even though that was totally wrong to do it without letting you know.

    I wouldn't break the relationship w/ the stylist. If your hair is taken care of the way you like it most of the time, stick w/ the hairstylist. Just let her know that if she's going to do something different, to let you know.
  15. Ginger - I guess when you don't expect to see anything different you do not look for it - I do hope that you can get the courage to confront her and find out if this was an honest mistake, or if this was a case of your stylist WAY overstepping her boundaries.

    Either way, if you are not happy with the results she should promptly recolor your hair with the appropriate black dye.

    Good luck to you and please let us know how this turns out for you. :flowers: