Hair stylist cut my hair too short!! Now i'm sad..

  1. So I had pretty decent length hair which was beautiful but waaaaay too damaged so i went to get it cut, well she cut off way too much!! it's not like super super short but it's definently in 'bob' territory and now i'm really sad and missing my long hair and just wishing i wouldnt have done it! I feel that i'm not as "beautiful" as i was with my long hair...

    so my question is.. do you guys think short hair is cute and any ideas on how to style it?? i'm thinking about getting highlights put it and stuff..what do u guys think?
  2. I have short hair, fine hair that is a bob style. It's similar to Katie Holmes' bob. If I try to grow it past my chin, it breaks. Hightlights can look very pretty and add more oomph to the style. Maybe the style just needs some getting used to, especially if the stylist took off a lot.There is the saying "The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks." Can you post a picture of what the stylist did?
  3. Short hair is so cute & sexy & there's just something so sophisticated about the look. I would love to be able to morph between having short & long hair whenever I like. I have super long sleek hair (avril lavigne - but natural) so I'm too scared to do this.

    Hair grows back very quick. Sure it'll look very fresh for up to a week, but within that month, it'll grow out to it's original state.

    Check out Elisha Cuthbert's short hair. It makes me so jealous! :hysteric:
  4. Well if you have/had damaged hair by cutting it it will a,low new hair to come through, so I wouldnt do any furthur damage by bleaching it.
  5. I second that.
  6. your hair will grow sweetie :smile: your hair will grow quicker without all the damaged hair attached to it :smile: you did it a favour! dont be sad!
  7. thanks guys!!

    it's not too bad..i think i can do some cute hairstyles by curling it and adding some cute little sparkling clips or something... i think it just takes a little getting use to but i will post pics in a bit...
  8. Funny, but I'm contemplating chopping off all my long hair (and it's not even damaged). I think that bobs are sophisticated and chic.

    Cute clips are definitely one way to go! I used them all the time when I had short hair (and also now as I'm growing out my bangs).
  9. I had long almost 1 length hair and 1 month ago I let my stylist chop it off. I now have a style just below my shoulders with layers. In some areas she cut off about 8 inches. It was soo hard to get used to but after 48 hours I was so happy that I did it. My hair is healthier, has more movement and swing. It feels very sexy (and I am a long hair kind of a gal too).

    I think it is just the shock of the initial cut. I am sure you look gorgeous. It'll also be easier in the summer heat that is around the corner. Can't wait to see pics!
  10. I know exactly how you feel. I had gorgeous long hair but I decided to cut it one day when it was hot. I came out with a "creative cut" in a bob style. It took some gettng used to but just know that it'll grow really quickly. It just takes a little getting used to. I was seriously really sad over my haircut but I actually like it now. I'm actually sad about it growing out!
  11. I have short hair. I find that whenever I feel a little 'blaaargh', I always flick the ends out a little with a curling iron. Small flicks are good for casual, large flicks look very 'night out'-ish.

    Then run a bit of wax through it and you'll look fine!
  12. I cut my long hair into the Kelly Ripa hair style, well let me tell you it was not to pretty I felt like I was 12 again. My hair did not lay flat like hers the ends flipped up. It was terrible, but my long hair did grow back. So don't get to worried it will always grow back.
  13. I've been through this too. I just put it up in a pony-tail. I think it's really cute when they are short!
  14. I would have to say that your hair will not be this short for very long.

    Hair is the one thing that you can do pretty much anything to because it can always be changed.

    Bear with it - you will soon have your long hair back.
  15. I'd love to see pics!