Hair styles for hair falling out..

Nov 20, 2007
Apparently in the last little while, I've been so stressed that my hair has been falling out by the handfuls (doc can't find anything wrong, and is unlikely that it's aging cuz i'm 23, and parents don't have history... anyways!)

I used to love wearing it pulled back/in all sorts of styles, but now I just can't, because I always see these unattractive areas where you can see more of my scalp than before, and it just makes me really sad to hold my hair in a ponytail and feel how thin it is now. It's also so flat, I guess because theres so much less of it!!

I'm reluctant to cut it short because I"ve always had the long princess hair(it's about halfway between my shoulders and mid-back now), but I feel like I might just do that, because it makes me so depressed to look at it/feel it on my shoulders!

Anyone else have this problem, how do you do your hair?