Hair Shedding and thinning

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  1. My hairdresser recommended I try these two products. Has anyone used them?

    Alter EGO Impact Ego Hot Oil Treatment with Garlic
    Alter Ego Nequal Intensive Energizing Lotion
  2. I've never tried those products but I hope you're eating nutritious food. My hair had recently stopped growing and my nails were chipped off really bad, like half the nail was extremely weak and yellow. Just two weeks ago I decided to try eating healthier with a lot of fruits, vegetables, high quality dairy, and soy products and already there is a difference. Today I was going to get a manicure if my nails were still bad, but when I took my nail polish off, they looked significantly better. And make sure you're not dying your hair too often, when I get my hair dyed too frequently I get horrible headaches.
  3. No but I'd love to know if they work. My hair has been shedding and thinning for about 6 months, I was just googling volumizing products. I've tried Nioxin shampoo for colored hair, it lessens the shedding but does nothing for new growth, in fact, I've not found anything for new growth yet :sad:

    Here is an article I just read
  4. I Dont know if the garlic helps with thinning, but I love it. My Ethiopian ladies used to use that or something similar.
    I recommend biotin, Nioxin, and castor oil on the scalp. You may want to get your vitamin D levels checked also. Do a hormone screen.
  5. I use to use Nixon years ago and bought some more today. I can't take biotin because it breaks me out. I also bought the two products my hairdresser recommended and bought a new muti vitamin.

    Hopefully this helps!!

  6. good luck! I hope it works too
  7. It seems like more and more ppl are having issues w hair shedding and thinning. One of my good friends had ridiculously thick hair, but she moved so I hadn't seen her for awhile and when we got together the other day I couldn't believe how much thinner her hair was. It was maybe a quarter of what it used to be. I didn't say anything bc I didn't want her to feel bad, but she's not the only one I've noticed this is happening to.

    My hair is a lot thinner than it was years ago also, but I was attributing it to surgery I had a year ago. I honestly don't think that's it though. Fortunately I had extremely thick hair to begin w, but I would absolutely love to get it back to that point again. Biotin did nothing for my hair and I didn't try Nioxin bc it got really mixed reviews. I hope what you bought helps you and make sure to keep us posted!!
  8. I also have issues with thinning hair, androgenic alopecia pattern, and all the doctors and dermatologists have suggested is hormone screen (but then what....) and use rogaine. and some hormonal treatment eventually but unfortunately for me I don´t think there is much to do when it´s hormonal, meaning that treatment could help with hair but would cause other distress on my body.

    But please let us know how it goes for you!!
  9. Thanks all!!

    I have an appointment with my derm in a few weeks. Hopefully she can figure it out. I am so freaked out by it. Along with the multi vitamin, I bought some flax seed oil pills and liquid flax seed to mix with my conditioner. I plan on doing deep conditioners once a week.

    I started eating meat for the first time in 23years (paleo diet) and I thought maybe that had something to do with it (body going into temporary shock).
  10. I've had problems with thinning hair too, and for me it usually comes down to either a vitamin D deficiency or low thyroid function. Although I've noticed that even when those problems are corrected, my hair hasn't returned to the same thickness I had when I was younger. I wish you luck in getting to the bottom of this! :smile:
  11. What's the flaxseed oil mixed with conditioner supposed to do? The best oil to add would be coconut because it actually penetrates the hair shaft where as other oils just sit on top.

    When I was relaxed and experienced shedding, I would deep condition with alter ego hot garlic conditioner twice a month. Works really well.
  12. I also take Biotin and Evening Primrose capsules
  13. Please update how your appt goes after. I read an article a while back about a lady with thinning hair. She said she had tried everything but nothing worked until she saw a dermatologist. He analyzed her follicles and prescribed proper medication. She said most of her hair grew back.
  14. Sure will. My apportionment is in the later part of May (I might push it up, because I want this handled NOW).
  15. Hair shedding can also be hormonal! Have you recently changed any prescriptions like birth control?