Hair Salons in San Francisco?


Jun 29, 2007
My mom is visiting, and we would both love to get new highlights and haircuts.

Problem is, I have been going somewhere outside of SF and I'd like to try a new place- any suggestions? Price isn't necessarily an issue- we are thinking around $200 each for the color part, plus whatever it costs for a cut.

ANY suggestions? Anywhere in SF, and any recommendations would be so appreciated!!


(not sure if this should go in the Beauty section?)

Feb 11, 2006
Cowboys and Angels
diPietro Todd
Vidal Sassoon

Those three are the most popular and easiest to get to because they're all in the Powell area. They're listed in order of most expensive to most affordable. Reservations are a must for the first two but you can do a walk-in at Vidal.
Mar 14, 2006
when I went to SF in October I asked another forum-er for a recommendation and she suggested jospeh cozza salon (30 maiden lane, 5th floor, (415) 433-3030). I think the woman who cut my hair was named Sun, it was the BEST haircut I've had in years and my cousin who saw someone else also loved hers. We've seriously been considering flying back out there next time we need our hair done. :rolleyes: