Hair Salon for guy's curly hair in Hong Kong?

  1. HI...I will be in Hong Kong next week and I'm trying to find a place so that my boyfriend can go cut his hair. The problem with his hair is that it's short and curly, and not everyone can cut it well. Anyone have a good place / person in Hong Kong, preferrably Hong Kong Island, that they know of who can give a good guy curly hair cut? Thank you!
  2. Hong Kong we have some VERY expensive places like Headquarters or Hair Culture that charge over $1000 for a haircut. We also have places that charge $50.

    I'd recommend places like Toni & Guy where stylists are taught to cut hair other than Asian hair. Salon Esprit can be found in Causeway Bay and they have a decent reputation for cutting different textured hair too. Neither of these places are cheap tho ($400 or so, I think) but Salon Esprit gives student discounts!

    HTH!! :flowers:
  3. I was looking for something around $400 and under....good thing you mentioned Esprit Salon...I totally forgot about it. Also Toni & Guy, where is that at?
  4. you know how much Toni and Guy charges for a haircut? Thanks! =)
  5. May I recommend Jason,very popular and good hair stylist.Ph:25373737