hair salon around boston?

  1. for all you girls in or around boston, where do you go get your hair cut/layered? it's about that time (my hair almost reaches my butt! :rolleyes: ), and i have no idea where to go since i just moved here.....any suggestions?
  2. in Reading theres a great salon that i just love. i drive down from NH just to have them do my hair. its easily accessable off 93 and 95, the prices are MUCH better than boston and their work is consistant, which is the most important thing. i look forward to my trips in to see Megan for cuts and color. shes great with my layers and is a color genius! i swear shes a mindreader.
    the location is kind of odd, but it is very easy to get to, and the salon inside is really cute. ask for megan, shes great!
    heres a linky:
    Juliana's Salon Home
  3. hmmm.......maybe i'll have my boyfriend drive me there next time (i don't have a car!)...does their pricing for cuts include layering work?
  4. Welcome to boston.

    I go to Beaucage on Newbury Street. Their prices aren't too bad. I get a few layers in my hair and I believe it's included in the price.

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