hair rollers

  1. i'm bored of my straight hair and wanna have some curls once in a while. i permed my hair a couple of years back and i would consider that to be one of my worst fashion nightmare.

    so anyway, i'm thinking of trying out hair rollers. any recommendations as to which brand is good? which is bad? tips for putting them on?
  2. I used to twist my wet hair in little sections (looks like a little tornado), then wrap each small section around the roller. gives you little ringlets.
  3. conair ceramic rollers
  4. I use the conair ceramic rollers, and also the conair Big curls rollers (also ceramic) I have been growing my hair and its really long (for me!) It also has a natural wave and I no longer fight the humidity as it was a loosing battle in the keys! The rollers are like a dream come true. I love them, it gives me just the right amount of wave and looks great. Try them!
  5. you can always do some soft curls with a ceramic hair straightner iron thingy.... :smile:
  6. I have tried to do curls with my iron did not turn out at all...I think I did it wrong!
  7. I used to do that nearly everyday back in high school, lol! SO cute!
  8. I used a curly iron for YEARS and never got the look I wanted. I watched Blow Out one night and saw them use the curling iron differently (They wrapped the hair around the outside of the barrel) and Now I am hooked on that techinique. I think if you go to his website he shows you how to do it.

  9. i tried using the curling iron rod before.. oh boy.. i don't have the patience for it. and my hand got so tired even before the half-way point.
  10. i debating between getting either the conair or the revlon ionic ones. what's the difference between ceramic and ionic?
  11. at work,rather than use ones that heat up,its easier to use smooth rollers,put some product in,or a thermal setting spray,and sit under the dryer,or use a blow drier.But depending on how long your hair is,this could take a while.but if you dont have plans,and are just hanging out at home,I think you et alot nicer curls doing this,than with heated rollers.
  12. ceramic is suposed ro be gentler on your hair
  13. Ceramic makes sure the heat is even on the rollers (or straightener... whatever) and Ionic supposedly uses "negative ions" to keep your hair from frizzing... that's pretty much a myth. I'd go with the ceramic.