Hair robbers strike again

  1. It's unbeliveable what people will do for money.....1.5 metre long hair now that is long.,25197,23106429-12377,00.html

    By staff writers | January 25, 2008

    HAIR thieves have sruck again in Brazil,this time targeting a woman who had not cut her tresses for two decades.

    It is believed the hair, cut from the heads of women in lightning attacks, is being sold to wigmakers for high prices.

    In the latest attack, in the northern city of Aracaju, two men on a motorbike grabbed a housewife and used a machete to cut off her 1.5m-long hair.

    The woman told police she was walking to church when she was assaulted late on Tuesday, police officer Antonio Williams da Silva.

    "She was an evangelical and said she hadn't cut her hair for 20 years," Mr da Silva said.

    "A hairpiece that size could cost you as much as 1000 reals ($600)," Mr da Silva said.

    Similar attacks have occurred in other Brazilian cities, where the demand for human hair is high.

    Last year, bandits wielding scissors boarded a bus in Rio de Janeiro and cut off the hair that 22-year-old Mirna Marchet had been growing for four years.
  2. How idiotic.
  3. Crazy! Now I know where not to holiday! My hair is past my waist.
  4. creepy! I actually had almost 5 inches cut off mine today, ironic!:s
  5. They should ban wigmakers from buying hair that they didn't themselves cut off.
  6. by a stylist, right? ;)

    How low can humans go that is what I want to know...
  7. ^lmao!
  8. Gee Swanky 5 inches is a lot of hair....I would be bald if I had that much cut off.
  9. Okay, this is scarey... my hair is down to my rear end...

    I usually wear it down and free when I'm out. Think I'm going to start pinning it flat against my head. Wear a baseball cap. With razors hidden inside. And an exploding brim.

    Seriously, that's frightening... I hope they nail them and I also hope, yeah, they make it a felony to buy hair not cut by a stylist or wig maker.

    Ever see some of those auctions on eBay for someone's hair?

  10. ^^My immediate thought was about your hair Speedy....thankfully it was in Brazil (though thankfully is not quite the right word as it shouldn't happen anwhere).

    Guard your hair well Speedy as virginal long hair such as yours would be highly prized.

    PS love the new pic and caption
  11. Geez! What the heck will people steal next?!
  12. that is the most retarded act of assualt I have ever heard of.
  13. Sometimes I get paranoid about this since my hair is past my knees. I hardly leave my hair down because it gets in the way a lot and tangles easily. But sometimes when I do, I bring it around the side over my shoulder so I can make sure it's ok. My grandma always warns me about this happening. I don't know if it's because she's heard of it happening, but she always tells me to be careful whenever I see her. It sucks even if they catch the person because I don't think the punishment is very harsh. It wouldn't even make you feel better either since it doesn't help you get your natural hair back. It takes so many years to grow back that I would be so devastated if someone cut it off.
  14. Let me know if you can find a way to make it look good. It can be a signature TPF style. ;)
  15. Thanks honey! I will protect is as if it were my own. (Wait, it is my own!) But since this made news here in the states, I can see people doing it, as soon as they look up what people will pay for human hair!

    Oh, my mother was always telling me to be careful around typewriters, shreddders, electric windows on cars, etc. She was an ER nurse and had seen horrific injuries with women with really long hair.

    I agree, we peoples who spent decades growing our hair would suffer great emotional pain should something happen to it.

    Do you braid yours? I did all the time I worked and now it's got a neat little wave to it. (can kinda see in my avatar) It's so not natural! But it looks nice!

    Hey, we could work on that... make it fashionable and security at the same time. Kind of like a pink jewel-encrusted Tazer, eh? :p