Hair rescue...wig as an option

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  1. Well, I guess there is really no product that can lead to hair growth. So would any of you might know where my mom can get a good quality hair wig, not those that sell inside the mall? She has a major concern on her hair loss (age 70), and always feel very paranoid with the bald spot on her upper head area:crybaby: .

    Thanks in advance.:yes:

    ~I hope I posted this is the right section, if not, pls move it for me~
  2. my grandmother has this problem also, she's ok with her bald spot, she only wears her wig when she's going out for a special occasion :shrugs: Maybe you can take your mom to a beauty supply store and have her try on a few, alot of places that sell wigs will trim them and make them look as nice as possible to suit the individual, good luck :smile:
  3. I know a few women who got plugs in their bald spot... I think plugs work better for women because they don't put it up around the forehead/hairline (where men usually do) and where it looks very odd and quite fake. If it's a bald spot at the back of her head, plugs should not be as noticeable.
  4. I know there are several old women, especially those in the lime light, that wear wigs, either as a supplement or to cover the entire head. I usually think it looks very natural and if you go to a good wigmaker there should be no problem and actually it will look very natural. I know a lot of stars use it on mag shots, cover shots and on stage too and it allows to change hairdo often and easy. I'm not a wig user myself, but I think it seems quite fun and convenient.

    Tell her to consider Xfusion keratin hair fibers before trying a wig. They are awesome and I have been retailing them for about a year. My clients who use them love them!! They are for the exact situation that your mother is in. They are magnetically charged keratin fibers (Actual hair fibers) and are about the consistency of cinnamon. You purchase the appropriate color, shake them on the bald spot, like salt and they attach themselves to the hair and make the hair thicker!! Truly a life saver for many of my male and female clients!!! Feel free to contact me direct if you'd like to ask more questions.
  6. Thanks for all your replies, and I will definitely look into the Xfusion web site too. Since she doesn't live close to me, we usually talk on the phone couple times a week. I feel so helpless hearing how depress she is over her hair concern. She did mention something about those human hair wig(my grandma had one done long time ago in Hong Kong), and I have no idea where to go to to have one done for her. Anyway, we are planning to travel down to S. Calif to visit them in a week or so, would anyone know any good salon where we can go to for a consultation? Thanks again! I feel so aweful....just don't know where or what I can do to help her out. I am sure that this shouldn't be that hard to solve if I have the solution...but:confused1: