Hair removal / IPL !!!

  1. I have fairly visible hair on my upper lip and although all my girlfriends said that the hair is NOT visible, the GUYS on the other hand often tease me about it :sad: . Anyway, I was considering getting my upper lip waxed for the 1st time but then I found out about IPL (Intensive Pulsed Light). I did some research on the net and some said it is a better treatment compared to electrolysis?
    :wonderingHas anyone tried it before? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE let me know!! Really desperate to get the hair offffff!
  2. Yup, I waxed my upper lip for years (though it's not a moustache it is visible to me). That worked great but I was sick of the upkeep, however little it was. So I have now completed 4 or 5 IPL treatments and it has definitely decreased but I still have hair. I think it might evetually take 8-10 to kill it completely. Thing is, the hair there is so super fine and not usually as dark as your head hair and so the laser doesn't pick up on the melanin in it as much as coarser hair. It will take more treatments but they say it's permanent so I'm happy so far. So quick, take about 60 seconds, and is almost painless. good luck!
  3. I do IPL for hair removal and have had great results! You want to shop around and find a place with the newest generation of machine. Shop around for names of their machines. Newest technology is the most effective for hair removal.
  4. I'm doing laser for my bikini and underarms and am really excited. I looked for a place that has a doctor on site so they are allowed to buy a medical-grade laser as opposed to most spas who are limited to regular lasers. The one my place uses is the Cutera laser. It is totally painless and I think it's going to work really well! I'm blonde so the hair is lighter but I am already seeing results after two sessions. So I would recommend it, but look for a medical-grade laser.
  5. sounds safe and effective!:smile: i think im gonna check out more places before getting it done but im definitely lookin forward to it! thanks guys!!