hair recommendations + blow out question


Feb 23, 2006
Hi, I want to take my mom to a salon to update her hair.

Her hair is a bit of a mess. It's dry and overprocessed. She has a perm but it's frizzy. She doesn't want her hair cut short. Right now it's slightly above her shoulders (it may be longer but because of the perm that's the length it looks like to me). I can't really determine what her cut looks like because of the perm.

What do you think is the most thing she should do?

Is a blow out a good idea, given the condition of her hair and her perm?

What would a deep conditioning treatment do to the look of her hair? Would it make her hair look more flat? (She wants volume in her hair.)

Thank you so much. This whole thing perplexes me!
For a deep conditioning treatment for curly hair, use Kerastase volumative hair masque. It'll help restore hair's inner substance,and contouring polymers volumise each hair fibre with bodifying and conditioning actives. For a blow out, rinse off the hair masque or volumising conditioner, and spray liberally with Bumble&Bumble Tonic/Prep Lotion (i use tonic lotion cos it's got tea tree oils, and it's wonderfully cooling on the head!). Layer Bumble&Bumble's Thickening Lotion, and spray onto the roots. To blow dry, separate hair into chunks. Twist the chunks round and round and round. Blow dry the hair using a good quality hairdryer (T3 is good) with a DIFFUSER. The diffuser is important in creating that whole volumous hair look. Finish off with blasts of cold air to the roots.

Hope this helps sonya!