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  1. Hey guys, Do you know any good hair products that can make hair look healthy?

    x0x0x Please Help
  2. Hi and Welcome! :welcome:

    It really depends on what your hair type/problem is. If you do a search (at the top right of this forum), you should find threads on haircare products. :yes:

    I swear by Aveda Sap Moss Shampoo and Conditioner, for my long, wavy, highlighted hair. :heart:

  3. What is your hair type?
  4. hey thanks for the reply, my hair type is naturally curly but i always straighten it...its also gets oily easily.
  5. I have lightly curly hair too. Not curly enough to wear curly, but yet, if I wear it straight, I have to use my flat iron. I was introduced to a product this week on the boards called Jonathan Product. My order should be in this week to see how it does on my hair. I really need a good trim first - so I'll get that done before I start the new products. I'll let ya know how it works out.
  6. I like Bumble and Bumble products. They work pretty well on my fine hair. They recently came out with a new "therapy" line for intense treatment and conditioning. Mine was the "density" line, but they have other lines for damaged/color treated etc. Might be a good fit since you straighten your hair frequently.
  7. I have some hair damage and my stylist recommended Phyto Vitamins, it makes my hair shiny and makes it grow really fast and I can definitely tell a difference in the dexterity of my hair. They have it at
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