hair products for mixed hair

  1. My daughters are and white and I need some recommendations for hair products (shampoo, conditioner, etc). Their hair is more the texture of white than black, but as they get older its becoming more coarse, fuzzy, and dry. I'm not sure what they should use. I was looking at the Carol's Daughter products, but was unsure? Any help would be great. thanks much
  2. I'm surprised no one here has this type of hair.:shrugs:
  3. How old are they? How do they wear their hair?

    Currently I am using the Redken Extreme line. My hair can get very dry and this line of products is super moisturizing. I also really like Kiehls Creme with Silk Groom. Great light hairdressing. And a good deep conditioner is Fresh Meadowfoam Cream Treatment. HTH.

    A nice style for younger girls is to shampoo and detangle/moisturize before smoothing towel-dried hair into six braids. Then, when completely dry (usually the next morning) take the braids down and you have smooth waves. You can then style the hair as you normally would and it doesn't get as frizzy. Older girls can do the same thing with twists instead of braids. It comes out in nice, smooth spiral twists that look great finger combed! :tup:
  4. My daughter does, age 10. I would like some recommendations also~ I would love to keep the curl the way it looks when air dryed after washing. Thats no problem. Its when she wakes up - OMG!. I've been braiding it at night so its a little better. As far as products though ? She has been getting her hair trimmed/conditioned by a woman that knows that type of hair and she used some olive oil stuff.
  5. Hi, I have hair similar to this. Carol's Daughter's line is suppossed to be good. For styling products you MUST check out

    Two sisters who are black and Japanese developed a line for mixed type hair. I use the curly pudding and I SWEAR BY IT.

  6. missjessies would work great for your girls hair. Check out the before and after pics on the site I posted.
  7. I swear by Miss Jessies for my hair...awesome product!!
  8. I have the same problem with my daughter's hair. Dd has dry, corkscrew curls, and honestly the one thing that helps is hot oil treatments weekly. Dry hair shouldn't be left open, as it'll make it drier. I use Paul Mitchell products on her hair, and Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade helps hold her curls, but I never let her wear her hair that way for more than a day or two. Her hair is usually braided. I also use a little bit of Frizz Eaze serum. I avoid blow drying her hair as much as I can, as it makes it dryer, though every so often I do straighten it. Also, trims are key, as dry hair is prone to splits. My mom owns a salon, and we experiment a lot on dd's hair to see what works best.
  9. have to try the miss is so good for hair with curls!!
  10. Clinkenwar, I'll have to look for it and try it. Does it mean she can wear her hair open all of the time without the dryness? That's my biggest problem. It once dried out so much that her ends split and I had to cut an inch off.
  11. Matrix and Phytologie/Phytospecific are also great for mixed hair.
  12. Phyto products are really good.

    The step-by-step instructions on this site are great!!!
  13. thanks so much for your replys...I'm gonna def look into the sounds great. My daughters are 3, 11, and 13. I also have been doing the braid thing before bed and it does help somewhat.
  14. Thanks for the link! I have checked it out and it had some helpful hints too. I will be checking it further but getting tired, lol
  15. I have heard great things about the curly pudding. I was going to recommend but saw everyone else did also