Hair product to give root lift?

  1. I have tried a few hair products in my lifetime to help give some pumped up volume.

    I have short, thick Asian hair.......

    Does anyone have a recommendation of a hair product that will help give me some volume on top???
  2. Guess I helped answer my own Q for now..

    Aveda Volumnizing Tonic.. has any1 tried it? I just googled it.
  3. I love Redken Guts. It's a spray mousse, and you can use it on the crown of your head for volume. It works great!
  4. I second redken
  5. Try Aquage Up-Lifting Foam.
  6. i have coarse asian hair as well, and was long for a while, but am now newly short and i have a bunch of products, but i found the one that smelled the best and gave the best results without the icky feeling is bedhead's queen for a day thickening spray. it works wonders
  7. oh man thanks for all of these wonderful recommendation!

    i am going to head out tomorow and try a few of these that were mentioned!

    keep em comin if u have any other better suggestions!
  8. I like both Bumble and Bumble's Thickening Spray and also Ojon's Hydrating Thickening Spray.
  9. I second this! :yes:

    My stylist gave me a can of it for Christmas one year and I really liked it!
  10. NEXXUS makes MOUSSE PLUS...... (a hair mousse that has NO alcohol in it(doesnt dry your hair out and also make your hair shiny)...i use it along with BUmble and Bumble conditioner and it works FAB!(apply mousse to roots ONLY!)
  11. Bumble and Bumble thickening spray is awesome.
  12. I use Pureology Pure Volume blowdrying amplifier before I blowdry.