Hair powder??

  1. I just bought Aveda Pureabundance Hair Powder...has anyone else ever tried this, or similar products like Bumble and Bumble or Stila??

    I just can't seem to get the hang of applying it so that it gives my fine hair some volume. Thanks!!
  2. Yes, I have the Stila Crème Bouquet hair refresher and it helps to absorb oils on the scalp and some of the hair too. If you don't have the time to wash your hair or just want to refresh the hair to go longer between washes then it's a nice product to have on hand. It's a white, finely milled powder and you need to comb and/or brush it through really well. I like the smell too.
  3. Yup..I have it and it takes some getting used to...I put a little in the palm of my hand...rub my fingertips in it and go underneath my hair and need it in at the roots....right at the scalp.....It works great for volume..I tease just a bit at the top of my head and then 'tame it down'.......If you use too much it gets sticky...can't rush it but it gets easier...I like it because it cuts back on hairspray I use...I like it...Good luck and just try and be a little patient....
    :heart: Emmy
  4. Emmy--which hair powder do you use??

    Layla-- do you notice the Stila powder giving your hair extra volume?
  5. i usually just use unscented baby like a charm..but does give my dark hair this slight white cast...
  6. Good tip, MissV...have I mentioned that I want to dognap your pups?? LOL
  7. i live in houston and its hot petty much all the time. A lot of people tell me to use hair powder... i guess it soaks up the oil? do you think baby powder will work?
  8. Couturegrl - Good question and I suppose it does appear fluffier and fuller. Perhaps it's due to the absorption of the oils so the hair is not weighed down.

  9. I use the stuff from Aveda.....I can't remember the name..It comes in a light green plastic bottle.....:heart: Emmy
  10. I just use it for volume...I don't have an oily scalp...But I guess it works on the concept that it absorbs any oil so your hair is not weighted down....Just don't use too much...You'll lose the shine and it will look tacky......Not the easiest product to use but it does do what it says....
  11. Thanks, ladies! I think I will give the Aveda stuff another week or so, then I might move on to the Stila:smile:

    The BUmble and Bumble powder is the best for my fine hair IMHO, but I am a medium blonde right now and the normal shade of "white" that I use from their line is waaaaaay too light for me:sad:

    I am going back lighter in a week or so, though...I just wish B&B wasn't so expensive!!
  12. I live in FL and swear by baby powder. I'm able to get 5 days out of a blow dry instead of 3! I buy the Johnsons & Johnsons stuff, they have a nice lavender one.
  13. Cool! So do you think that the specially marketed hair powder is just kind of a gimmick?

    I will try the baby powder you put it in your hair when it is clean to give you volume, or just the days that your roots are greasy?
  14. I have the Bumble & Bumble hair powder...I love it! But I have a hard time applying it, I find that I get too much in one spot and then I have trouble spreading it around. How does everyone else apply the powder to their hair?
  15. I was wondering how to apply it as well. I just got my hair colored Monday and I want to stretch it til Thursday for my next shampooing.

    The problem is that my hair is on the oily side. I got the stila hair powder and tried to follow their directions but all it did was turn my scalp white!!