Hair pins

  1. Hi, Im just wondering how much the Panda and other animation hair pins were when they come out and what is the price they usually go for on eBay. My mum loves these...But Im not going to pay too much LOL
  2. anyone ?
  3. and if you have any pics of them please post ! thanks :flowers:
  4. Sorry hair accesories not my thang, only bags :smile: Good luck, you should be able to find some soon!
  5. Hey! I will post pics next week after I can take them this weekend... I paid $400, but not sure what they retailed for. They were exclusive Japanese release..
  6. I think $400 is a good price don't they usually go for more?
  7. thanks everyone :flowers:
  8. Not sure. They were the only ones I've ever seen for sale, but have heard of other people having them... I got them from TheHuangFamily with several other items and she gave me a good deal (let me bargain) and even let me put them on layaway even; I made several payments... Very nice lady, Josephine...
  9. I'm not sure about the price as it was long long time ago. I believed it's 180 or 210 pounds for 3 pieces.
  10. Ohhh, I want to see pics :smile:
  11. Hair pins would be soo cute!
  12. Socialite, check - QUICKLY!!!!
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    bump bump!
  14. thanks :smile:
  15. I think I missed out LOl :sad: