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theatre fashionista
Jul 3, 2008
New York, NY
I have the world's FLATTEST hair. EVER. My mom used to curl my hair every day because she didn't like it (mean I know!). My mom's family is Jewish and has all sorts of lovely curls, but I inherited my dad's Irish, straight, fine, hair.

Curls DO NOT hold unless I'm doing the Shirley Temple/Irish dancer curls, which I'm pretty sure is not a look you want to go for past the age of 8. They only hold because of the HUMONGOUS amounts of hairspray used to create such a style.

My hair is layered, I use volumizing shampoo, I use a round brush, I've tried the curlers thing, and NOTHING makes my hair stay longer than about an hour. It'll look good for then, then it's back to basic.

I'm wondering if there are products out there similar to hair extensions, but not exactly, that will hold the volume in place...such as hair "cages" (i've heard about) or other things similar?

I found this product, but it seems to make the hair a little higher than I'd like...a little too '80s and early '90s!

but someone HAS to make something similar right? I mean to do all the stars hair?


Trini To da Bone
Jun 3, 2008
hey, well it says you live in New York. If you know how to move around brooklyn. You can go to the hair salons were they buy wigs and weave. I am sure they can help u find something
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