Hair Opinions again

  1. Ok I aknow I asked before about hair but I'm really undecided here this happens every year.

    Anyway around summer time I always start to think about cutting my hair so I'm looking for oppions keep it longer or cut it short.

    Heres some pics of me with hair now and in my shorter hair days.

    I'll also attatch some pics of Victoria Beckham I love her hair, if you like the short hair could you say what pic you prefer, I'm looking at style not colour.

    So far the people I've asked the oppinions are divided

    Thank you!!
    1.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
  2. couple more
    7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
  3. I definitely vote for VB's picture #4 (the one before the white dress). That hairstyle totally rocks! I think it'd go great with your face.
  4. I vote for VB picture look so good with short hair, I can't pull short hair off very well.
  5. I vote VB#1 and the one in the middle in the second row of options :yes:
  6. VB in pic 1 and 4, i really like your hair in a bob! Dont cut it too short!! xx
  7. i really like the hair in picture #4, quite cute and pretty.
  8. I think Pic 1 is lovely, not too long and not too short and would work well with your face :smile:
  9. I love VB's new do, the blond one. So it's my vote and you have a really pretty face. But you should probably ask to your hair dresser, they really know what suits your face the best !
  10. I like pic 1 in the first set and pic 2 in the second set.
  11. u definitely have the perfect face for short hair .. so it'd totally work it! :biggrin:

    .. & i like victoria beckham's hair in the "blonde" pic! soo cute .. so funky .. & stylish!
  12. I think VB picture 1 is the best (and the best on VB too - I much prefer her like that - and mines like that so maybe i'm biased).

    I think you look great in your second photo!
  13. Not that you don't look nice in the other photos as well!!!!
  14. i think pic #1. it is not too long or short. very versatile . you can have the best of both worlds
  15. Pic #2

    U Look So Gorgeous Claire..