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Jul 2, 2007
San Diego
Hi, I'm hoping you lovely fashionable ladies can help me out. I've been considering either cutting my hair, or dying it, possibly a dark brown. The photos (attached) show my natural hair color. And for the cut... I'm not sure if I should stick with the side bangs or grow them out. Or if I should do something else entirely. My hair is naturally straight, but it is a bit wavy now because of a perm last year.

Also... I never really wear makeup, but now that I've graduated college and I'm looking for a job, I wonder if it's going to be necessary. I always feel that I look like a total clown whenever I put any on, especially eyeshadow, mascara, blush, etc. And foundation never seems to look natural to me. I mean, does makeup just not look good on some people? Should I attempt to wear it? I haven't found colors that look decent on me, and I've tried a lot. I'm horrible with makeup! :sad:

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Apr 30, 2008
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You've got killer eyes!! they are so pretty. If you want to wear makeup, start out easy.

I recommend Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer or Stila, if you have dry skin. It's much easier than foundation, pretty much fool proof since it blends in with your skin instead of sitting on top. there's only a few shades unlike the many you get when picking foundation.

I would wear a mascara, maybe start with a pencil eyeliner (brown for daytime) and a very natural blush since you are pretty fair. A pretty coral pink lip gloss would look nice too. I wouldn't worry about eyeshadow for a while. eyeliner and mascara would set off your eyes nicely already. when you're more experienced with a routine of basics (mascara, tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, etc.) then move onto e/s.


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Apr 28, 2006
Do you have a Sephora near you? Or any retail store with a cosmetic department would do. They can help you pick out the right colors for your skin tone and show you how to apply it. You can go for a more polished look for work, and vamp it up for nights out. You have beautiful hair by the way...I would leave the color alone, especially if you're growing out a perm. Color on top of that might damage it. As for a style change I would go for a consultation at a recommended salon. Good luck and post pics if you make the change! :tup:


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Jul 7, 2008
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Ok, here is my $0.02.

I think you would look stunning with mahogany brown hair.

Also, I think that you should try a straight, thick bang. It would compliment your face shape spectacularly. Keep a side part, though, so that it doesn't look too "done."

If you want to grow your hair out, it would definitely suit you. Try some long layers to break it up a bit.

With darker hair, you could use some black eyeliner/mascara. You'll have to play with the eyeliner - using an eyeshadow might be a good start, because you can thin it out as it spreads towards your eyelid crease some. For this, any generic black eyeshadow would work, but I would suggest either Chanel or MAC's Black Tied (Carbon is their matte black, but I feel that it isn't as soft for eyeliner). If you stick with lighter hair, try a brown eyeliner and mascara, as black would be too obvious.

Also, if you darken your hair you might want to touch up your brows a bit, just to darken them. Again, you can use eyeshadow for this (a nice brown) so that you'll have two purposes for it!

Oh, and I agree with frostedcouture about the tinted moisturizers - Laura Mercier's is better than Stila, in my opinion. Alternatively, you can purchase some foundation and mix it about 60/40 with your morning moisturizer and voila - tinted moisturizer.
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