Hair Loss and PCOS - in need of positive thoughts!

  1. I have recently started noticing my hair has been thining at the front of my scalp. Among other things ive been gaining weight since the begining of this year, and had thoughts I might had pcos but when i started noticing that my hair is thining i thought i have got to see a doctor. I went in and today I did an ultrasound and had blood tests done, I wont know the results for another 2 weeks. But the doctor said he thought I probably have a mild case of pcos. My question is please tell me if i am diagnosed that my hair will not continue to thin and fall out, this has gotten me so depressed, I can deal with the other issues but the thought of losing my hair is so upsetting to me. Will my hair continue to fall out, will it stay at it is, or get better with medication?
  2. I have PCOS and IR and take metformin. My hair is thin at the front and no longer thick, its an unfortunate side effect to having high male hormones. Take multi vitamins and do some exercise and a low GI diet and hopefully this may help. Good luck!
  3. I have PCOS and take sprinonolactone, which is an antiandrogen med. If you have PCOS your doctor may put you on some meds that can help with the thinning hair.
  4. Thank you ladies, im anxiously awaiting my appointment to hear what my doctor will say. I pray he has some good news. I have been feeling very unlike myself lately and hopefully this will turn around soon.
  5. I have PCOS too. I've never had any any problems with my hair, although I know it affects everyone differently. The only thing it did to me was make my skin break out, the spiro cleared that up. There are medications you can take for the hair problem. Also, there is a great PCOS forum online. I apologize I don't know the name of it (google it) It's been awhile since I've been on there but I remember those ladies seem to know their stuff and should be able to answer any questions.

    EDIT: just found the site it's

    They have a newbie questions sections. Ask away!!

    Try not to worry. If it is PCOS, most symptoms are controllable. I was freaked out at first, but now I rarely think about it.
  6. Thankyou, I will def check it out!

    Im trying not to worry but its hard not to. lol I am a worrier by nature! It does make me feel a whole lot better knowing there are women out there who have it and are fine.
    I really appreciate all of your responses :smile:
  7. I post on that site also, and it is very informative. PCOS affects everyone differently, but the symptoms are manageable. My face used to break out a lot before I took spiro and now it hardly ever does.
  8. I believe Nioxin works great also. Seach them up.