Hair loss after Hairdresser does my hair

  1. I always get my hair done. And today has to be the most scariest thing in my life.:sad:

    I went down to get my hair done like you do.. And I love my hair been blonde. So I do get two tints in to lift my hair to the colour I like. But when I got my hair done, the 1st tint went in, she said my hair was in good condition. then when I got the second tint in, she started to wash it out. my hair started falling out. This has never happened in my life. I sat down And i could take junks out in my hand..! :sad: I nearly had a heart attack... I said it to her she said its been over styled and to much ghd.. But I was perfect going in and I have layed off the ghd.. I'm really scared to touch my hair now.... And It so dead and brittle looking. :sad: I'm so worried I can still take bits out and its not broken ends its from the roots. It not as bad now

    the only thing different today was a apprenticeship girl was in drying my hair after the first dye and she burnt me with the drying I told her and she fixed the heat, but it took me 5 minutes to say it because I just cant give out or say it in-case they think I'm been a cow. then the second dye was a greeny colour this time which was weird because its usually a bluey tint.

    Has this ever happen to anyone.:crybaby: im in tears I really thought my hair was going to all fall out.
  2. I have had my hair damaged from color treatmnts.The best thing I ever found to repair it from breaking was BUMBLE AND BUMBLE damage therapy conditioner..I use the leave in conditioner AND the washout one..It works INSTANTLY on damamged hair..I know how you feel..Its VERY traumatic..SO SORRY! Bumble and bumble has a web site..look it up to find the nearest one by you that carries their product..I swear its the best product I ever found.
  3. Ah thank you so much Jill I have to say it is very scary :sad:
  4. ....My hair is also blonded / highlighted and just like you I suffered sudden hairloss a year ago - actually my hairdresser noticed it when she was highlighting my roots:sad: She warned me about silicone in conditioners as they're causing this to some people, and I realized I had used Terax crema (conditioner) first time in my life a day before this happened:wtf:

    Terax made my dry hair amazingly silky but I threw it away and bought a conditioner that's meant for scalp as most of them dont have silicone in them (but ask your hairdresser to be sure) - and my hairloss stopped as suddenly as it began!!:yes: Since then I have avoided putting silicone based conditoners to my scalp, sometimes I put them to the lengths as it makes my hair easier to comb but I keep them far from my roots and that has saved me (and I can still be as blond as I want!:P ).
    I also started taking Viviscal and some months after my hairdresser noticed some new hair growing there, I had lost about 1/5 of my hair and now it's growing back :rolleyes:

    Good luck, I can totally feel your pain as I've been thru that :sad: I hope the cure / solution is as easy as in my case
  5. Ok I need to add I'm not sure if in my case it was the combination of silicone conditioner & blonding or just silicone - I just wonder did they use some new conditioner to your hair after colouring...?

    I also remebered my hairdresser said if it was just about my hair being too dry / over-processes it wouldn't fall right from the roots (as mine did) and that's what made her think it must be the conditioner:s
  6. Oh I am so sorry that happened to you! How scary!

    As someone posted before, that B&B conditioner is really awesome:smile:

    Good luck:smile:
  7. I've been using Paul Mitcheal shampoo & conditioner myself, its to rebuild the hair some thing to do with protein. i just couldn't understand how my hair was normal with the first tint and she even said it was in great condition next thing the second tint goes in my hair starts to fall out :sad: that silicone thng i never heard about that thanks :nuts:

    thanks everyone:shame:
  8. how would we know which conditioners containe silicone? some producs arnt as clearly marked as others.
  9. Oh yes that's weird as it started with second colour, I guess it should be then something else than silicone in your case - somekind of chemical reaction...?

    It's hard to tell if conditioners have silicone in them or not as they use different names of them so I always ask the hairdresser, they should be able to advice.
  10. Thansk a mill I will look out for that any more :smile:
  11. So sorry to hear that happened to you :'(

    maybe your hair colorist did a mistake with the coloring? :/ don't know.

    I bleach my hair too actually but my stylist makes me wait a few months before I can go back and color again. says it's best to let the hair rest..not sure if that's right but oh well..

    Wishing you the best of luck and I think I'm gona try out Bumble and Bumble :smile: sounds tempting ^^
  12. I really thinking that coz she put in the second colour and then thats when hair hair fell out.lucky enough its not noticable.:smile:
  13. Good to hear that it's not noticable :smile:
    best if you do hair oil treatments to help your hair repair too. I bet it will help alot.