Hair lose

  1. Hi Guys....Do you seem to loose hair more during different seasons?? My diet is good, and exericse is as good as it gets (for me) and its still as hot as always here (Florida) however, during the last few weeks my hair seems to be falling out alot more than usual??!!! I always loose a bit here and there but I notice the amount to more lately. Maybe becuase it is longer?? Does this happen to anyone else? Thanks!
  2. THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS to me sunshine im acutally convinced that im going bald.. haha.. i seem to find hair everywhere.. and then because of that i srota play with it and pull a little and lOADS AND LOADS Of stands come out.. i heard its to do with the water. but i don tknow if there is any truth in that
  3. i asked my doctor about it, thinking it had to do with my 2 hour swim team practices. she said at times, hormone levels change drastically and you lose tons of hair.
  4. i guessed it was hormonal. did she say how it could be stablised
  5. I have very thick, wavy hair and am constantly cleaning my brushes :rolleyes: . But I do notice in the early autumn I lose a little more hair than usual.

    The biggest impact for me is stress. I went through a lot of stress last year and my hair had a lot more breakage and split ends. Now, thankfully, it's improving immensely!
  6. Like Pursegrrl, stress is the main cause of hair loss for me. It doesn't happen often, but that's usually a factor. I never connected it with seasons except for winter being drier on my skin, hair and nails.
  7. I don't know but I truthfully think I have lost at least 1/3 of my hair in the past year or so. I have thick hair so it is nothing that a casual observer would notice. I keep asking my dh if my hair looks thinner but he says I am delusional. I am 36 and I do wonder if it is my hormones. I can loose 50 hairs in the morning while washing and drying my hair. I know they say 100 a day is normal, but 50 in less than an hour seems like a ton to me esp since my shedding has never been this intense. Is it normal at my age to have your hair thin out. When does it stop? I think I need to have my thyroid checked.
  8. ITA.. stress is a major factor... or check your shampoo, the contents of it might affect... and also your sleeping hours.
  9. I use all Aveda products. I sleep like a baby...(normal hours) sound like me!! When I wash my hair and blow dry it is when Im like HOLY*hit!!! It is the only time I notice it, but its wild. Im 37...maybe it is a hormome thing? Im going to get old and loose hair!! LOL....I really do not feel like its thinner so that is a good thing! Thanks for sharing guys!
  10. I had my hair trimmed on Friday and my stylist said that normal hair loss is around 80 to 100 strands of hair per day. Now bear in mind that if you have really long hair (over 12 inches), that 100 of those strands will look like much more hair than if your hair is only 3-4 inches long.

    I noticed that I seemed to be losing my hair like crazy until I realized that I've not had it past my shoulders for nearly 10 years!