Hair like Christina's?

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  1. Does anyone know to put up this hairstyle?
  2. attach a small hamster to your head and cover it with your hair.
    You have to tease the hair alot underneath and then sort of comb the top layer of hair over it, then pin it up to that it stays high.
  3. :roflmfao:
  4. extensions, and alot of teasing!!! tease your hair at the crown, let it fall foward and spray it with hairspray, flip it back over and gently comb over the tease, being careful not to brush out all of the tease
  5. Thanks all yall for the styling tips!

    Bagnshoofetish --- LOL!
  6. Christina looks great there . What tan does she where anyone know?
  7. Yes, lots of teasing. You can also try a small foam and cover it with your hair to create the volume you want. My hair stylist did that for me on my wedding day.