Hair Help

  1. I need a good deep moisturizing conditioner and a leave in conditioner. I used to use pantene but found out in another thread that thats probably what has caused my hair to thin. I switched to the soy milk shampoo and conditioner and so far really like it. But I'm stuck on the deep and leave in's. I've tried most of the drugstore brands and am not fond of them. The only leave in I like is Charles Worthingtons Results and it's becoming harder and harder to find. I need a leave in that will help with fly-aways around my face that never grow out. Frizz-ease doesnt work for me as it's too greasy, so I need something else. to give yo uan idea on my hair type-its knee length and kind of thin. I always use a moisturizing shamp and cond as it's dry. My scalp also gets oily quickly, so I cant go that long w/o washing it. I wash & condition it about every other day and always let it air dry. I always brush my hair out before I shower and wait until it's dry to brush it again so I dont break or stretch any strands. I want to try and stay under $20.00 each as I go through it quickly. Any help is appreciated!
  2. I've tried 3-minute miracle by Aussie (Sydney Smooth) and it's pretty good!

    I don't know if there are any long term "damage?" like Pantene.. but right now I say the price and results are great for a drugstore brand.

    The more expensive drugstore brands - John Frieda - really didn't help my hair, especially the Luminous Color Gaze chestnut expresso brown. It may stain your forehead... HOW EMBARASSING! :p

    In the Pantene thread, they mentioned VO5 as being a good drugstore brand.

    I also looked at Botanics (only at Target) which is located by the Boots stuff. They looked pretty good!
  3. Have you tried Sunsilk? they've kept my hair in good condition. I normally use salon brands but I've been on a drugstore experiment kick to find some to take to Iraq with me in case it gets stolen, so I'm not out a lot of money.

    One brand that is a salon brand and very reasonable is called Abba, it's organic and has a GREAT damage therapy/deep conditioning series called Creme Masque. The conditioner is SO divine and you can either use it as conditioner or a leave in mask overnight. It also has a shampoo in the collection. Another great and lightweight product is called Moisture Scentsation, it has mint in it so it invigorates the scalp and keeps your scalp moisturized without making it greasy.

    Abba is fairly inexpensive, under 20 dollars at most salons, and if you go when they have liter sales it's the best time to stock up.
  4. I don't know about a leave in, but Great Clips makes a good deep conditioner in their own line. It is similar to a Matrix balm. It is about 8 dollars a bottle.
  5. Bumble and bumble Deeep conditioner, might be alittle more then you want to spend but totally worth it
  6. I use Frederik Fekkai's glossing cream- amazing stuff!
  7. Another vote for Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle. Cheap and good! You do want to focus on washing it off really well because it can really weigh hair down if you don't.

    I also use this deep conditioner from Avon which is even cheaper.. I can't remember the name but it's a small, green pot and I believe it's got aloe in it.
  8. I also agree with candace117 in regard to ABBA. It's a great line--fairly inexpensive, vegan, and great for your hair!

    Paul Mitchell also has several options that will fit your price range. If you have color treated hair, there is the Color Protect Recontructive Conditioner which is fabulous! There is also Super Charged Moisturizer, Hair Repair Treatment, Super Strong Treatment, and The Masque.

    All of the ABBA and Paul Mitchell products should be found in professional salons.
  9. I love Aveda's Elixir leave in conditioner...very light weight but effective and a little goes a long way. I use just a little mixed with a spritz of water before running it through the ends of my hair. They're in the process of improving that particular product so it has been discontinued on their website, but you could probably still find it anywhere that carries that brand. Runs around $24 or so. Bumble & bumble makes some awesome weekly conditioning products (Deeeep is my favorite) and they have a leave in as well that is very light weight and smells heavenly. Target has started carrying it in the last year or so, but I normally buy it in salons for the same price. Not sure of the quality if it's purchased at Target....does anyone know if there's really a difference?
  10. I always use Charles Worthington's leave in conditioner! Still plenty here I guess.

    Other leave-ins I particularly like are John Frieda's for blonde hair, and Bed Head by Tigi's Girl Toys.
  11. Okay so I am def going to splurge and try the weekly deep from b&b. Thanks for all the great tips guys, I really appreciate it!