Hair help!

  1. Ok so I really want a dramatic change so I think I want to change my hair but Im worried I'll make the wrong color choice. That's where you all come in! Please let me know what you think will look best on me! To give some background, I'm 22 & Egyptian so I have kinda tan skin tone, green eyes, w/ brown hair, althought I had pretty blonde/light brown hair til about the 4th grade. I attached a few pictures in different lighting to try & give an idea of what it looks like now. I'd appriciate any input!! :p
    DSC03313.jpg DSC03113.jpg DSC02209.jpg 1.jpg
  2. Maybe add some chunky blonde blended highlights in various blonde, honey, and gold tones?
    That would look really pretty with your eyes and your complexion.
  3. ^^^thanks! I was thinking I may want to try a light brown or do blonde highlights, but I just dont want it to look crazy unnatural on me so I'm afraid of what I pick! Haha I know it's not a huge deal since I can always dye it back to brown but Im still scared! That's why I love hearing from others!
  4. Again, I think that will look really pretty, especially with summer here! Good luck and maybe post some before and after pics.:yes:
  5. I think some honey toned highlights ala Jessica Alba would look nice on you.
  6. :yes: oooooo, that would be pretty and very natural:tup:
  7. I think your hair color looks stunning on you as it is, but I also agree that some honey toned highlights would look nice.
  8. I love your hair color as it is too. Instead of changing your entire color, maybe you should just do some highlights or lowlights to change it up a little. I think with your skin tone you could go lighter (i.e., Jessica Alba) or really dark brown and both would look good on you.
  9. Although dark brown would look equally stunning with your features, I like the idea of honey or caramel coloured highlights. Big chunky ones on the lower layers of your hair and a piecey haircut that'll show them would look killer, IMO! Or just get them done all over in different lighter shades to get the Jessica Alba look. I really liked that idea!
  10. Your hair color now is beautiful. I think you would look great with some carmel and dark blond highlights, they would be more natural and easier upkeep. Blond blond would look too harsh.
    Good luck.