Hair Help Please!

  1. What can I do for thinning hair? My hair used to be thick and I had lots of it, now my hair has just been slowly falling out. My husband said he can't tell but I can, I just want to try and take care of the problem before it gets worse.
    Someone told me cutting hair thickens it, Is this true?

    Thanks in avance :p
  2. Mine thinned after giving birth...NEXXUS makes an amazing Alcohol free thickening mousse..Gives my hair TONS of body.....Give it a try!
  3. Thanks for the advice, Did it stop hairloss? or, is it a quick fix styling product, then when you wash it out your hair goes back to being thin? My mom told me I may need some kind of vitamins, any thoughts on this??
  4. ^Vitamins cant hurt..Try them..Mine stopped thinning after 6 months.u just have to let it grow in again.ALso..I was told by my doctor to massage your scalp when you shampoo.....
  5. Prenatal Vitamins will help as well as a product called Nioxin. It works super well :smile:
  6. bobobags, maybe you should make an appointment with your doctor to see if he/she can figure out why this is happening.
  7. My hairdresser recommended Nioxin level 3. Also a supplement called Biotin. I agree with Mokoni, hair loss is sometimes symptomatic of other health issues...poor diet, thyroid probs. There is nothing more depressing than a handful of hair after you wash...good luck!
  8. You don't give your age, but as we get older, and closer to that fun and exciting peri-menopause chapter of our lives, it is not unusual for hair to become less abundant than it was, especially in the crown area.

    Once your doctor has ruled out any other reason, you might talk to her about that possibility, if you are at the age for it.

    And your stylist will be able to cut your hair in layers specific to your own individual head and its various issues, including decreased volume!
  9. hi maybe try to change the shampoo or the conditioner? think i had read it somewhere before that hair products we use may not be suitable for us, and it might be clogging up hair "pores" and hair cannot breath and so "shed". maybe u can also try to cut hair shorter (or layer them) to reduce the weight tugging on the scalp. hope all goes well :heart:
  10. Have a look at a strong multi vit & mineral & a silica supplement.
    Kelp can also help as it is rich in iodine this helps the thyroid gland and if there imbalances here this can cause thinning or hair loss, if you suspect this you should have it checked out first.
  11. I agree. Do this first before doing anything else.

    I did (my hair was thining right up in the top) and I found out the main culprit was an iron deficency (I'm anemic). Since I've been on iron supplements, I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in my hair.

    So see the doctor first. It could be something as simple as that.

    Good luck.
  12. Yeah I definitely agree you should see your doctor first.
  13. Have you had kids or surgery in the past year? Either one causes a temporary hair loss. I know on both counts. I developed "widow's peaks" after my daughter was born (20 years ago!). I had back surgery in November and in January/Feburary it started coming out by the literal fist full! I didn't know it until I went to my stylist, but anytime you go under general anesthesia for major surgery your hair follicles get confused. Between 2-4 months post surgery hair that's not normally supposed to come out does. I ended up getting my shoulder blade length hair cut to above my shoulders since it was looking so ratty. It has begun to grow back in, but that's all a matter of time. I'll need to go back more often than usual to keep it trimmed so I don't get that "halo head" thing going from thick roots/thin ends.

    The other thing is undue stress and difficulty coping with it. If that's your case, you've got to learn how to better cope with stress. Everyone is different in that regard, so you'd have to find out what works best for you.

    WOAH, I just thought of Jill having surgery today. Sister Jill, better plan on a shorter hair cut for a while! If it's thin now, wait a few months and see what happens! :wtf:
  14. Go to the dermatologist so he/she can take a look. My hair was falling out once and she told me to use rogaine for women and it worked.