Hair help need recommendation for good shampoo and conditioner...winter time blues =(

  1. Sooo...eversince I moved from LA to DC, I feel like my hair has been kind of "off".

    I still use the same products like kerastase and i use deep conditioner treatments, etc...but the past couple of months ive definitely noticed that im loosing more hair when i shower, comb thru it, etc...definitely in the shower though just as im rinsing water thru it or running my fingers thru it.

    And I feel like i have oily scalp but dry ends...and that it gets tangled very very easily.

    I am the type who gets a trim every 4-6 weeks, take really good care of my hair, my stylists in LA used to always tell me to just keep doing whatever I was doing since my hair was in such great current stylists havent said anything bad and when I asked them though for recommendations in shampoo, treatments, etc for oily scalp and dry ends...they didnt come up with much.

    I have tried head and shoulders dandruff shampoo too and a Loreal sebum control shampoo...none has really helped with the problem: oily scalp and tangled dry hair...

    Any recs would be awesome, thanks!!

    (I reckon it could be the drastic weather change and air dryness??? Im not sure)
  2. Maybe try washing less and using a dry (powdered) shampoo on the roots between washes? :shrugs:

    It worked for me...
  3. Hair loss can be completely unrelated to the brand or frequency of shampooing. It can be hormonal, or dietary, from emotional stress, thyroid problems, etc. etc. If you are concerned, I would ask your doctor.
  4. ^I agree with her. I have the same issues with my hair in the winter, and find Aveda Scalp Benefits works best. You have to use both the conditioner on the scalp and the shampoo for the best effect, though.
  5. Ever consider using mayonaisse on your dry ends to condition them? I do it on my ends occasionally when the winter weather and indoor heating dries it out more than usual.

    Rub the ends gently but completely with mayo, let it set for a good five to ten minutes, rinse out thoroughly with clear cool (not cold, not hot) water.
  6. i know this is gonna sound odd but i read it in a magazine once and i swear it works. Mix a little listerine in with your shampoo and only apply to your scalp (just use reg shampoo for the rest) and let it sit for a min or two. it balances the oil and will get rid of dandruff. As for the dry ends, try a conditioner for permed/color treated hair (much more moisturizers) and only apply to the bottom and use a wide tooth comb to distribute evenly. that should sit for at least 3-4 mins (longer is better). i always wash my hair first, then my body that way the conditioner sets in. let us know how it works out for you!
  7. You should use a cleansing shampoo (clarifying) on your scalp. and conditioner on the ends.

    I have dry scalp and when i lived in the New England, it was very irratating. its actually more mild out here in Md so I have noticed that my skin doesnt peel and my scalp is not so dry.
  8. I've been having this problem recently and I switched back to using Abba moisture scentsation shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is balancing and not overly moisturizing. The conditioner is light enough to use as a daily conditioner or you can use it as a hair mask for 10 minutes or overnight. I do this all the time. Also, their products are sulfate/sulfite free and have organic products in them...and the mint in this one leaves your scalp feeling tingly and refreshed. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other salon brands , also.

    After I switched back to using this, my hair is in MUCH better condition.
    I love it!
  9. i have an oily scalp and dry ends too. its hard if not impossible to find a good shampoo for and oily scalp. i discovered "aussie cleanse and mend" it works great! its specifically made for our hair type.

    i would also stay away from a clarifying shampoo if you have color treated hair---it can strip color.

    you may want to get a good deep conditioning treatment. and use a moisturizing conditioner everytime you wash.

    i also believe you dont always have to spend an arm and a leg!! its been proven that shampoo is shampoo......i digress....:p
  10. Here is what I would do: Make sure you get a good trim. As others have mentioned use a clarifying shampoo-Sauve Daily Clarifying Shampoo is cheap & works great. Wash only your scalp. Use whatever emollient conditioner you regularly use but only on the length of your hair-dont rub it on your scalp. Leave it on as long as possible before rinsing. This should help.
  11. It might also be a change in water hardness. Hard water makes my hair a lot more prone to oiliness at the root and dryness and the ends.
  12. ^^ Yes, and if you are suffering from hard water/mineral deposits, try Abba Molasses shampoo once a week, it removes all the deposits from your hair which can be drying and cause your hair to go nuts, it strips those things without ruining your hair's balance. Don't use it too often though!
  13. Alterna's range of shampoo and conditioner is fantastic... I loved their caviar range and I loved their hemp seed range...
  14. I've tried Paul Mitchell and various professional shampoos by L'oreal and Schwarzkopf and of course cheaper stuff like Head and Shoulders but all were too drying or had little effect on my long chemically straightened hair.

    Now I've switched to LUSH's Rehab shampoo and haven't bought anything else since, cos it does wonders to my scalp and hair. With this shampoo, honestly any brand conditioner will seem fine but if you like soft luxurious hair, use American Cream by same brand.
  15. I recently picked up some pureology shampoo, the stuff in the pink bottle, and love it. I barely have to use any at all, literally a dime sized amount, it lathers so nicely and the smell is divine.