Hair help - ladies, what should I do ?

Miss 2 A

Dec 12, 2006
Hi Ladies,

Ok.. so I need some serious hair help here..

I've had my hair long for the last 10 years or so, and it's all at one length, usually I have a split in the middle (after I take a shower) and otherwise I split it on the left side and keep it up in a messy sort of bun at almost all times.

I would like to get a haircut because it's just a little too much to handle even though it's very thin, straight and flat. The length I'd really like to keep(doesn't mean it can't be layered a bit), maybe can trim a few inches off but other than that I need some ideas.

Any ladies out there can offer some advice before I take a trip to the salon.

Things I don't want are a short hairdo, something that will make it look even flatter (had my hair cut short as a child and it made me look like a boy) Also don't want anything that will make my face look longer, at the same time I don't want it to look too round.
Don't think I want bangs, had them a lot as a child. A side swept frayed long fringe might be ok.

I'd like to occasionally curl it (loose curls) and don't mind styling to give it some volume but once it doesn't feel like "so much"

Here are some photos attached, the first of my hair a bit wet after a shower (it's naturally split in the middle) and the other me holding it up how I usually wear it and same in the last shot. (I couldn't pull off smiles, so just ignore that :smile: )

I'm open to all suggestions, what do you think?


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Feb 23, 2007
The longer your hair is the longer/skinnier your face will appear to look. The longer your hair the flatter it will be!( unless your hair is curly) So...with that said i suggest taking it up a good 3 to 4 inches and adding in some medium length to long layers. As far as your natural split...i would suggest side bangs but only if your willing to train them because they will want to keep parting in the middle like they are used to! Maybe something like this...
She does not have bangs though...



just me....Paula!
Jan 21, 2007
thanks so much for the LoL link! I'm currently growing my hair out for my wedding, but will probably cut it off afterwards. I've found a really cute short hairstyle that I wanna try, and was planning on donating to them!


Nov 19, 2006
I think it would look nice if you keep the length, but put a few layers around the face, somewhat like the pic from jenarae, but maybe though not so extreme, just blend in the ends and a side swept bang. The reason I say this is because thats how I want my hair but it never comes out like that.:balloon:


Dec 27, 2005
You are so beautiful, I really think you can go shorter and show off that pretty face. They say with fine hair the best cut is a blunt cut. It will give more volume.
I could see you with Cameron Diaz's cut. One cut that would be great is a longer version of Victoria B. bob haircut. Something you can still pull back or up but has a line to the cut. When you have long hair anything cut off will seem like such a drastic thing to do.
Good luck.

Miss 2 A

Dec 12, 2006
jenarae, lorebunde, gillianna, noon: Thank you all so much, great suggestions, I've made an appointment tomorrow for a consultation for the very least.

KatsBags - Thank you for that reminder, I'd definitely concider it if I decide to chop off a descent amount, great cause indeed.

Will keep you posted.


Feb 16, 2007
I love you, I just want mine to grow!!! (I always get really impatient with things like this..)

I think that you should just do a little tapering around your face, so that it doesn't fall all one length in the front. Also, when you put it up, you would be able to have some little wispy pieces fall out.

And then maybe consider putting some layers in the back. If you hair curls easily (and stays) then the layers will give it more volume when you are curling it. If not, and you wear it straightened, on thin hair, it might flatten it out more.

Miss 2 A

Dec 12, 2006
Just a quick update, got my hair done today, kind of a layered cut, with a side swept bang? turned out a little shorter than what I expected but it'll grow back and usually very quickly.

It's a bit flat here in the photos, but she "lightly" styled it and gave it some volume, looked pretty nice over there.

Some of the shots are "shaky" again from the "excitement" LOL. (and I call myself a photographer, at least an amature one!) Could also see how a longer "bob" might have looked nice as suggested, it looks really good "up" with the whispy pieces hanging down.

Thank you all again for the wonderful suggestions, I was really pleased to locate a really nice stylist as well :smile:


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