Hair Help ASAP!

  1. So I am going away on vacation soon to somewhere quite damp and humid, on top of that I have the most diffucult hair in the world ( curly, frizzy, dry, brittle, my slit ends have their own split ends and thick) I never wear it curly, so I blow out and straighten it. I also recently got a relaxer treatment done to it so it would be easier to manage.

    OK, on to the main point here :smile:

    I am looking for a shampoo and conditioner and if not that a good leave- in conditioner and styling products that will help maintain my blow out and lessen frizz and fly aways.

    Thanks ladies!
  2. Matrix Sleek Look is great for controlling frizz. I've used everything from that line, but I recommend the shampoo, conditioner and Lite Styling Creme.
  3. heard good things about the Garnier line too..
  4. I recommend Biosilk leave in conditioners. I have a bottle right now, can't think of the name, but it smells really good and it makes my hair even shinier and it smooths out all the frizzies. Have you considered trimming your hair? That will rid you of the split ends. :yes:
  5. can i play the devils advocate and suggest you wear your hair curly while on vacation and let your hair kinda chill out from all the blow drying and falt ironing?!

    especially if its damp and humid i would just let your hair do its own thing....John Frieda makes this awesome stuff called Life Reserver...its hair conditioning oil. I have half straight half curly hair and when I go on vacation to some where like the island or some where with alot of humity i just wash my hair and put some of this oil in it and go. Its really good if your going to be out in the sun a lot or swimming, because it helps to repel the salt and pool water and helps protect against the sun. I love this stuff alot and it works really nice...and when i come home from vacation i can see a change in my hair from not styling it for a week and just letting it dry on its own.

    your hair probally needs a break!
  6. Thanks!

    I get it trimmed every 6 weeks or so, and I want it to grow out so I wont do anything less. Trust me when I say my hair looks worse curly than straight. I can get it to where it almost looks like I have naturally straight hair just want a way to keep it healthy through all the styling and whatnot.
  7. what do you mean when you say it looks worse curly?? because i dont love mine when i let it do its own thing because mine is half curly half wavy half straight but if i let it alone for a coupld days it definatly feels much better.
  8. There's no such thing as keeping your hair healthy through all the styling you are doing to your hair. :nogood: The way to keep your hair healthy is to get it trimmed even more often (possibly every 3-4 weeks?), take a break from the styling and using hair masks or deep conditioning treatments.
  9. good thread!! i hate going to the carribean because their air is so moist and humid. leaving my hair looking awful.
  10. I probably should elaborate girls lol

    Ok, so my hair is already dry and washing it everyday makes it WAY worse. When I wear it curly I have to wash it daily bc 8 hours into styling it, it starts to look like dread and the curls go flat.When I straighten it, I leave it in for a few days and I really don't have to touch it up in between, like flat iron it daily.

    Maybe it will try 5 weeks, its already hefty on the wallet at 6 weeks haha
  11. im going to agree 100 percent. Or you might just have to cut off more than you really want to get all of the dead off and then start to re-grow it. I worked in a hair salon for 5 years and trust me the best and only way to get rid of brittle hair is to cut it off.
  12. I have a friend who trims my hair along with many other friends. Trimming hair is really not that maybe a trustworthy friend can do it for you. :yes: IMO paying top dollar for someone to cut off an inch of my hair is pointless. To each their own though.

    Maybe you can consider a straight perm? My friend had horribly frizzy, thick and unruly hair and she got it straight permed in the Philippines for very cheap. That does damage your hair, but I would rather do it once and never have to straighten my hair again afterwards. Her hair is very silky and shiny now. Before it was dry and frizzy like yours. Her hair is much better now and she deep conditions once a week I believe. Honestly, this is probably much easier than doing any other kind of styling for your hair type.
  13. ill agree again here too...but i would suggest definatly cutting of alot of your hair that you say is brittle and damaged and let it grow out a little and try and not style it much and then get your hair straightened. But I definatly think you need to let your hair "breath" for a little. Sometime the more you do to your hair will make it worse.
  14. Courtney..I think we were separated at birth. :p
  15. hahah me too!!!

    ive damaged my hair so much over the years...and its just best to let it be sometimes...i remember one time i was going to dye it blonde myself and it turned orange and pink :push: and i had just grew my hair out too...i had to cut off almost 10 inches...but it was the best thing because my hair grew back and it was so much healthier and i didnt style it as much and just let it do its own thing!!!