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  1. Clearly I must be bored but I have questions..

    for those of you who blow out and flat iron your hair this is for you

    whats your routine, whether you do it daily or every few days?

    What products do you use...round brush? serums?

    And lastly, if you keep it in for more than a day what do you on the second day to give it that extra boost? ( I recently purchased the Bed Head After Party and I am excited to try it );)
  2. I DID do it daily, but it wasn't really good for my hair, of course ;) I used serums (John Frieda) and leave-in conditioners (Charles Worthington & Tigi). I wash my hair every day so I had to iron it every morning.

    I love Bed Head by Tigi so I think that product you bought will be great! Let us know :biggrin:
  3. I blow dry it usually everyday - if I know I'm not leaving the house of course, I let it relax... I flat iron maybe 4-5 times a month, but it all depends what mood I'm in and what look I want! I use BioSilk after, just a dime size and run it through my hair - I LOVE that stuff!!! Thank God, I haven't had ANY problems with my hair - I am one of those who believe though that you have to use expensive instruments on your hair - so I have a CHI hair dryer, CHI flat iron, Marilyn brushes, etc.... but that's just what I think works for me you know?
  4. I only wash my every 3 or 4 days, but I blowdry it like 99% of the time. I have different products and tools I use depending on how I style my hair.

    For straight hair I use a cheapo Remington flat iron, paddle brush, Biolage Smoothing Serum, and sometimes Bedhead Mastermind on the ends. If I'm having frizz issues I use Matrix Sleek Look Lite Styling cream instead of the serum. When I'm done I always spritz it with Rusk W8less hairspray

    For curls I use a Bedhead 1" iron and Rusk W8less spray.

    For natural waves, I let it air dry and scrunch it with Jonathan Products Dirt.
  5. well since I have a dry scalp I only wash my hair about once a week (sometimes twice) and every time I would flat iron my hair.

    shampoo, condition, a little hair lotion on my scalp and ends and then blow dry. finish off with flat iron.

    now, I barely have the time and patience to do my hair (been growing it out since the fall and its alot) so I go to the hair salon every other week to get my professional blow out and flat iron.

    I use to use the Fredericl Fekkai shampoos and conditioners with olive oil for shiny hair, and it worked pretty good for me.
  6. I recently purchased Pureology products, shampoo, conditioner & serum..(the straightening version)..and think this may be the brand for me.
    I wash my hair every 4-5 days..however, I blowdry every morning...which I thin is burning my hilights off..

    I think the Pureology/hydrating may be a better choice..
  7. I wash my hair everyday. I blowdry it using Kiehl's Straightening Serum and a round brush, then spritz with Perfect Match Radiant Spray (Mario Tricoci Line) and flat iron with my ghd. then finish with another spritz and im good to go.

    if i dont wash it the next day (rarely) I restraighten and tease a little at the roots so its not as flat.
  8. Well, I wash my hair every other day and on the days I don't wash it I just use conditioner.

    I alternate between Fekkai high volume shampoo/conditioner and Terax clarifying shampoo/conditioner. Then, I put a small amount of Biosilk and Fekkai glossing cream in my hair as well as a few pumps of Terax mousse. I do a quick blow dry upside down to achieve volume. Next, I put a little more Biosilk through my hair and I flat iron it with the GHD iron. Finally I use a little Jonathan silky dirt to add more shine and some texture.

    Phew! Wow, it sure doesn't seem like I do that much stuff everyday but after writing it out it looks a little crazy. I swear it doesn't take as long as it looks :sweatdrop:.
  9. I like this thread! :tup:

    I wash my hair every other day, any longer and my hair will start getting oily. :tdown: I usually always style it some way. I straighten with my GHD, love it. It doesn't take me more than 5 minutes to straighten my hair. I really like curling my hair though, so I curl most often. Big, sexy waves! :tup: I use Bumble and Bumble shampoos right now, but I am constantly switching because I'm just used to switching every now and then. My mom always said it was best for me. :shrugs: I use Biosilk leave in conditioner to keep my hair soft and shiny. I like Fekkai hair products when I'm styling with heat appliances.
  10. I wash my hair every other day. I work out in the morning, and sweat buckets when I do cardio, so on cardio days I shower and wash/condition my hair, then apply styling goo and use my CHI iron.

    On days that I lift weights and do lighter cardio, I shower but don't wash my hair, apply product and straighten it again with the CHI. It usually doesn't take as long as it does when I wash my hair.

    For styling products I use John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Answer and Redken Heat Glide.
  11. I wash and blowdry my hair every night. In the morning, I just add volume+straighten the top layers with my GHD iron. I don't use any hair products.
  12. Must say I am super excited to try the Frederick Fekkai line..Priiin, you said you use that wave curler spray?
  13. Lately I shower every other day since like priin my hair can get quite oily. I'm using John Masters Organics shampoo and conditioner, can't say enough good things about this brand!

    I blowdry, then straighten with my Tools Science straightener :heart:, I use Paul Mitchell's Spray Wax before straightening to hold my hair. I've found this works and stops me from doing straightening the next day. I love my hair straight and Spray Wax is a dream for girls with natural waves like me :biggrin:
  14. I wash my hair every other day and do a blow out.

    Wash, condition my hair, comb it smooth when it's towel dry. Then take the bristle brush and blow dry sections, rolling the hair around the brush (mostly at the crown for volume, if I'm in a rush I do it quickly, if not I take my time, last thing I do my bangs curled inwards towards the side) They're like a long side swept bang and I have layered slightly longer than shoulder length straight hair.

    I occasionally curl it with the iron just to add some lose curls.

    When my hair feels dry I'll go 3 days without washing it (it's sooooo hard but seriously the scalp rejuvenates itself that way with the oils and all, this is only if I don't have to go out ;) )
    If I'm tired I'll wash my hair and just let it air dry, that gives it a break from the hairdryer too.

    As for products, I just use a volumizing mouse or spray on the roots when it's towel dried and then I go ahead with the blow out.

    It really is a lot easier to do it at night as some suggested then go to bed, the hair looks really nice in the morning. I also use organic or natural shampoos and conditioners
  15. Yup I use this one right now. I use the other one I mentioned in the fabulous curls thread, by LaCoupe sometimes. (in the light green bottle you might have seen on