Hair Grafting Clinic?

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  1. This may be an odd question but anyone knows of clinics that do hair grafting?

    Such as male facial sideburns? (to make your face more masculine)

    Or eyelashes grafting?

    I read this story from a British woman and her results are promising.

    Most people when it comes to PS only focus on face contours but forget the hair - which is also very important. Having long eyelashes emphasized the beauty of your eyes, and sometimes that's all it takes to make you prettier. There is no need for any invasive surgery like epi or lateral... (IMO)

    Also for a guy, having sideburns helps your face become slimmer and more angular.

    So, anyone knows anything in this area? Please chip in.
  2. Not too sure how "good" these are it was just suggested here:

    ▶Hus-hu Hair Transplant Center (English Web Available)

    ▶JP Hair Transplant Center

    ▶KNUH Hair Transplant Center (English Web Available)

    ▶Apgujeong Yonsei Clinic- Hair Transplantation Center

    ▶Yonsei Mobelle (English Web Available)

    ▶RITZ Hair Hair Transplantation Center

    ▶Gemma Hair Transplantation Center

    ▶Dr.Hwang's Hair Hair Transplantation Center (English Web Available)

    ▶Modream Hair Transplant Center (English Web Available)

    ▶The Bless Hair Transplantation Center (English Web Available)

    ▶Forhair Hair Transplantation Center

    ▶Dream Hair Transplantation Center (English Web Available)

    I also know Real does it too and they are a reputable clinic, abit expensive though
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  3. I heard that Real uses a different method for hair graft which u can see the result right after surgery and there is no down time no healing required. Cos usually, FUE had 1-2 months hair losing period in the receipt site.

    I m not sure if they are only saying FUE or really a new method.
  4. Just have my hairline transplant yesterday. Throbbing pain from the donor site,
    fUT from one of the clinics listed here.

  5. hi, which clinic did you go? can PM me cos im interested. thank you!
  6. If you or your Korean friend can read Korean , speak it over the phone when you make the appointment with them, hair summer promotion 1800 hair for 2.2mil won, I believe they quote foreigner higher .
  7. It's ritz hair, I walk in other clinics listed above but they quote me foreigner prices , ritz gave me the price listed on their website
    My take is, if you can read Korean always check out their website for local promotion.
    But hushu won't honor the price they quote on their Korean website citing I am a foreigner , can only qualified if I come with a Korean person -such nonsense.
  8. mummymm, may I ask you a few questions? I’ll be thrilled if you answer them ^ ^
    1. How long are you staying in Korea? I know clinics in North America request patients to go back after 6months/1yr to check their condition. But during the short stay in Korea it is imposible to check..
    2. How are the equipments comparing to North America? How’s the doctor’s technique?
    3. If you plan to do other surgeires, how long should you wait before doing other surgeries?
  9. They are pretty expensive ): I am going to check out another clinic for my eyebrow embroidery and my fringe area... now let me do some research...
  10. Hi , here are the answers

    1) how long to stay there, day 1 surgery, day 2 go back wash hair, eat painkillers for 3 to 7 days max, remove stitch in 7 to 10 days in your own country. so you can leave at day 5 when the pain has subside. I wont advice you to travel on day 3 as the donor site is still painful and raw esp on long haul.

    2) it is more painful than I imagine, and the pain lasted a few days, cant sleep on day 1, imagine someone took a strip of your skin from your body and sew up the gap. it is a surgery. I was not aware donor site hair transplant was more painful say liposuction donor site for fat grafting if I can compare it that way.
    3) technique in korea is good, I choose a clinic that do hair only, not a general plastic surgery clinic that does everything. Always choose the doctor who operate on you, make sure he speaks English and you should be ok.
    4) Cost: it is much cheaper than US or Europe or anywhere in HK for that matte. learn to read numbers in korea, look at what price was being advertised on their Korean website. then you wont get rip off.
  11. I am sure Koreans get better deals and paid less than me, it depends on which country you compare your surgery price in korea to. anyway I choose FUT because it's cheaper, if I can afford FUE, I might go for a guy who does only female hairline and FUE.

    Adding one more clinic to our list in this thread :
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    Wow mummymm thank you for your contribution to the thread! Wish you a speedy recovery :smile:
    I read that if it's under 1000 grafts, FUE is better cuz it's less invasive.
    BTW... Do you use a translator?
  13. how was your hair after years of hair transplant mummymm?